Saturday, March 4, 2017

fuir prices and availability February 2017 - Bangkok, Chiang Mai Thailand

At the vendor market there's amazing fruit verity and quality with very good prices that change daily.

Banana - depending on variety and quality and ripeness level can be found from 10 baht to 100s per kg or per hand

Coconut - from the lowest 25 baht to 35 baht per piece or when buying 10 or 12 pieces can be 250 baht (changes daily)

Papaya - can be found from 30 baht per kg or 20 baht per piece (small)

Watermelon - red and yellow verity can be from 20 baht per kg or per piece (changes daily)

Durian - average of 200 baht for packaged pieces

Accommodation - from 100 baht per dorm bed.

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