Wednesday, August 20, 2014

script to copy user files to flash usb drive silently and automatically

Came across an interesting request recently and though I'd have to do my own batch scripting but quick search found me this site: so there's really not much more to explain, they did an excellent job I will just provide you with the files.

download this: , extract and place all the files at the root (right at the top) of the USB flash or hard drive you want to use to gather your data. As an added bonus you can easily rename instead of the default name (usually the drive's manufacturer's name) to something like MARIO.

Now all you have to do is run launch.bat if the auto run doesn't do it's job (windows 7 and 8 probably don't do it automatically any more)

Of course as the site warns you shouldn't use this for anything illegal, this is informational use only and goes to show that you should have good physical security of your hardware at all times if you have important data on your computer or disable the USB connections on your computer.

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