Friday, May 25, 2012

How to refresh javascript css files automatically in simple easy fast way

As I was developing and had this needed for some time but still a small enough project not to need a really big solution. When making small (or bigger) javascript changes, uploading it to the server now the users need to actually hit refresh (sometimes more than once!) I know we ask a lot of the users but here's a simple easy fast elegent way I found that I think works pretty well and someone else might find useful.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/style.css?v=<?php echo filemtime('css/style.css'); ?>" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/ajax.js?v=<?php echo filemtime('js/ajax.js'); ?>"></script>

As you can see it works for both css and js, very simple get type query which is meaningless to the files but just checks the when the file changed. So say you changed something recently that return of unix timestamp will change and now the browser is forced to download again instead of using the cached version.

Works pretty well so far, I will update if something changes but let me know if you found this useful/used it or anything related.

Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

found at ANONYMOUS - Monday Mail Mayhem from United States Bureau of Justice

So the news broke about Anonymous (which is really everyone oppressive to the current state of affairs) hacked and got 1.7GB (compressed) from the United States Bureau of Justice. [Source]

After a day of getting to ~93% the next day it was finished in seconds and time for extraction, took a while (specially because I don't have many spare hard drives and had to delete much useless things).

Now it's time to take a look, but what I see is mostly the websites structure, now the challenge is finding something juicy that is not already public on their website, hmm well here's what I got so far...


Q: Help this error message is driving me nuts: "Cannot find CFML template for custom tag cfgetcolor."

A: In order for custom tags such to work, in this case cf_cfgetcolor, the server's "Custom Tag Paths" need to be set. In ColdFusion Administrator go to Extensions > Custom Tag Paths, where you will point to the local path on the server that contain the custom tag files. (Note this path must be web-accessible). -Ilya Mekeda

Info about above:
Ilya Mekeda
Analyst & Developer in Washington D.C. Metro Area Computer Software
Current: Programmer/Analyst at Lockheed Martin [Source]

I will continue the research, if you found something interesting leave it in the comments. I will understand if you want to stay Anonymous ;)


Greetings world,
We are Anonymous.
Today we are releaseing 1.7GB of data that used to belong to the United States Bureau of Justice, until now.
Within the booty you may find lots of shiny things such as internal emails, and the entire database dump.
We Lulzed as they took the website down after being owned, clearly showing they were scared of what
inevitably happened.

We do not stand for any government or parties, we stand for freedom of people, freedom of speech and freedom of information.
We are releasing data to spread information, to allow the people to be heard and to know the corruption in their government. We are releasing it to end the corruption that exists, and truly make those who are being oppressed free.
The price we pay very often is our own freedom. The price governments pay is the exposure of their corruption and the truth being revealed, for the truth will set us free in the end.
So once more we call on you. Hackers, activists, and freedom fighters; join us in our struggle against these corporate


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Corrupt Banking System by 12-year old Victoria Grant


I thought the above video is so great at explaining the corruption that it would be great to post it here with the full explanation found at (

The Corrupt Banking System
By: Victoria Grant
Resurrection Christian Academy
Grade 6

Have you ever wondered why Canada is in debt?  Have you ever wondered why the government forces Canadians to pay so many taxes? Have you ever wondered why the bankers from the largest private banks are becoming wealthier, and the rest of us are not? Have you ever wondered why the gross national debt is over $800 billion dollars? Or why we are spending $160 million dollars a day on the interest of the national debt? That is $60 billion dollars a year! Have you ever wondered who receives the $60 billion dollars? 
What I have discovered is the banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada.
I will share with you three important points of reference which will hopefully spark enough interest and concern for you to continue the research on your own and to engage your government to stop this criminal act against the people of Canada.
First, we will briefly examine the Bank of Canada.  Second, we will see how the banking system works today.  And lastly, I will offer a viable solution that we can petition our government to implement.

The Bank of Canada

A very little known figure in Canadian history is Gerald Grattan McGeer.  He was a lawyer, a Member of Parliament and Mayor of Vancouver.
His contribution to Canada is probably one of the greatest in our history.  He championed the creation of the National Bank of Canada whose sole purpose is to create and manage Canada’s money.  It was formed on July 3rd, 1934 and owned by all Canadians.
            Until the 1970’s, because of the Bank of Canada, Canada’s national debt was held at a constant manageable level until the government decided to implement what we now have as our modern banking system that is robbing the Canadian people.  So how are they robbing us?

How the Banking System Works Today

Allow me to explain how our private banks and government work today: first the Canadian government borrows money from the Private Banks.  They then lend the debt based money to Canada, with compounded interest. The government then continues to increase taxation of Canadians, year after year,  in order to pay back the interest on the exponentially growing national debt. What results is inflation, less real money for Canadians to spend into our economy, and the real money being used to pad the pockets of the banks.
As well,  the government gave the banks the ability to lend out money that doesn’t exist in the form of loans. When a bank actually gives you a mortgage, which literally means a ‘death pledge’ or a loan, the banks do not actually give you money.  They click a key on a computer and generate the fake money out of thin air.  They don’t actually have it in their bank vaults.  Presently, the banks only have 4 billion dollars on reserve but they have loaned out over 1.5 Trillion dollars.
To quote Graham Towers, “Each and every time a bank makes a loan a new bank credit is created-new deposits-brand new money. Broadly speaking, all new money comes out of a bank in the form of loans. As loans are debts, then under the present system all money is debt.”

What I find interesting is even Jesus in Matthew 21 drove out the money changers in the temple because they were manipulating the currency to steal money from the people.
 The private banks are just like the money changers in Matthew 21, They are defrauding and robbing the people of Canada of their money; thus, their freedom and they need to be stopped.

How the Banking System Should Work

How should the banking system work?
In an infamous interview Mr. McGeer asked Mr. Towers, “Will you tell me why a government with power to create money should give that power away to a private monopoly, and then borrow that which parliament can create itself, back at interest, to the point of national bankruptcy?”
            Mr. Towers replied, “If parliament wants to change the form of operating the banking system, then certainly that is within the power of parliament.”
In other words, if the Canadian government needs money for the country they can borrow the money directly from the Bank of Canada. The people would then pay fair taxes to repay the Bank of Canada; this tax money would in turn get injected back into our economic infrastructure and eventually the debt would be wiped out. Canadians would again prosper with real money as the foundation of our economic structure instead of debt money.
            Regarding, the debt money that is owed the private banks such as the Royal Bank, we would simply have the Bank of Canada print the money owing, hand it over to the private banks, and then clear the debt with the Bank of Canada.  And yes, we have the power and lawful right to do so.


            In conclusion, it has become painfully obvious, even for me, a 12 year old Canadian, that we are being defrauded and robbed by the banking system and a complicit government.  What will we do to stop this crime?  What will we do to ensure that the next generation will live free and clear of the debt based economy that enslaves them to the bankers? 
Margaret Mead said this quote and I hope that all of you remember this “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Monday, May 14, 2012

Why don't we drive electric cars (yet)

Why most of us don't drive electric cars at this point is quite an amazing story.

I was reminded of this story recently while browsing top gear videos on youtube.
I stubmuled onto this video which was created/published back in 1997.
If you watch the video you will note that at the end of the video Quentin Willson's review is quite positive and is positive about the future of these cars. He concludes:
What do I think; it's very refined, very quick, and very drivable. In essence a jolly good little car. But the batteries suck, the range is appalling and if you had to buy one it would cost you a whopping 35,000 pounds But let me leave you with this thought: ten years ago mobile phones were the size of suit cases, and cost 2,000 pounds. Today they're the size of calculators and they're giving them away. Make no mistake the days of the internal combustion engine are definitely numbered.
And remember this was in 1997, over 15 years later and we have only got a few hybrids and some plugin hybrids with very few and far in between electric cars which are considered luxury and exotic (if you afford those) you would have a better choice and can afford the gas not to worry about the environment as much although there are many which opt to get it and I applaud them.

As you can see his reference above to cell phones is absolutely spot on, we can also look at computers and even how cell phones have become computers (also known as smart phones) which are way more powerful than the computers of the year this video was created. Our battery technology has greatly advanced and the cost greatly reduced. The electric motors are much more advanced and even the materials of the car building are stronger and lighter as well as cheaper to build, once put into a mass production run.

The funny thing about these EV1 which were created by GM, they were never sold, only leased. And once they became popular they were all pulled off of their owners hands (which made them very angry) and crushed. A great documentary about this is called Who killed the electric car?

So let me point you to the culprits (or murderers) of this great piece of technology; most likely non-other than the oil barons of the world. It's pretty easy to see that no one else would oppose this technology being wide spread and reducing smog, emissions of harmful gasses as well as keeping our air and planet a little cleaner with a much lower cost to the common middle or even lower class income families.

To solve these issues I have an article that tackles how to get rid of the corporations responsible (or should I say irresponsible) to these and similar matters.

But if you are somehow only interested in this issue, we can see that the technology is there, the demand is there but the supply is cut at the root. The only way to stop our use of oil is to simply stop the supply. The only way occupy movement can stop this disastrous destruction of our planet is to get on the inside and simply not allow our species to ruin this planet for the rest of us. We must not agree to doing the dirty work even for the amounts of money they would provide.

Note: I do understand we can't wake up and simply stop pumping and using it, but we really need to work hard to phase out the usage and production of this dirty mess.  Think about it; we are the ones (99%) that do what the 1% ask to do, we must stop this at an instant and have a moral stance to hold back and not do their dirty work. That's the way to win.

Update Oct 2012:
A reader has pointed me to this inforgraphic article on green cars and how consumers should consider where the energy comes from. If the city produces the energy required to charge your car is created from coal or other dirty means the effect on the environment is probably just as bad as the gas required to burn inside a traditional combustion engine.

The argument is that in those places traditional engines might be a better choice.

I disagree. For many reasons but one of the most important reasons: electric engines are MUCH more efficient in the distribution of energy from a limited battery power. In fact they even get most of the energy BACK into the battery when breaking! That is one fact that will make you think that those articles are either written by misinformed citizens or simply paid off by some of the same culprits in the above sections of "Who killed the electric car?"

Second reason to disagree: electric engines are cleaner in the local area. While the energy derived from coal is very dirty and horrible for the local environment, the power plants are normally farther from cities. Meaning the local city will remain somewhat clearer of smog and people walking near your car will not have to hold their nose.

Finally, the main reason to disagree; even though at the moment your city might use coal this can change in the future. You might move to a better city with the electric car, or you could put up solar panels and get off your city's grid altogether.

So either way you slice it, electric cars are ALWAYS a better choice.

Post your thoughts in the comments.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pirate bay sponsored survey (again)

The great movement of Pirate Party which leads the pirate bay has once again allowed an educational institution  to survey it's users. ( and

In the last section there's a space for comments and I thought my writing was so good I wanted to share it here:

Sharing is natural way of human life, it must be done (not just should). if we didn't share our knowledge we would not survive (for example which plants to eat or which to stay away from).

This is why there will never be a stop to sharing, for if there is we have become not human (maybe in prisoned by government or such).

And so the companies complaining, trying to form laws, and lobbying will cease to exist or change their views and business models to adopt. People are standing up to those bullying companies/organizations.

Unless the policed state is enforced and we are unable to break free (essentially prisoners in the dictatorship) we will win our fight for freedom of speech, and share all human knowledge by way of the internet (and others).

Did you fill out the survey? what are your thoughts about peer to peer sharing, piracy and the pirate bay?
Let me know in the comments below

Monday, May 7, 2012

Android Cyanogenmod Pros Vs Cons

To get or not to get, that is the question.

I can only talk about my experience and as you can tell I installed the latest Gingerbread mod on November 2011 nightly version (never bothered to update yet but I will as soon as the new ICS comes out). I only had the stock Froyo for a few days because my mind was already made up to upgrade as I purchased the unit (on Wind tab from Wind mobile in Canada).

First, my hardware: LG Optimus 2x (which is the same as the T-Mobile G2X because the model is P999 not to be confused with P990 as it's some differences which no one really knows which. But don't confuse it.)

Now to my software
Android version: 2.3.7
Baseband version: M6600A-SCAUTNZ-2.0.9720T ~~
Kernel version
Mod version: CyanogenMod-7-11162011-NIGHTLY-G2X
Build number: GWK74

The only comparison I can have is the original that came from my provider (Wind Mobile in Canada), I would say that there are many benifits which I read, mainly what I needed was a decent battery and this one holds quite true as the battery lasts a full day even with modorate use, excessive use could get 10 depending on your usages, I had times where I used it to email attachments, stream youtube music (which still runs the screen so double trouble along with speakers, wifi and the processing of the video/music) and I got about 7 hours until it gets to about 10% at which point I charge it but I'm no expert on the charging optimums.

I really love the small tricks like the quick access to wifi, gps*, volume, brightness (hold the status bar in place and slide left to right to adjust) and visual additions this version has to the old one; small one is the transition to lock screen which is like the old tube TVs closing in the middle.

Huge customization space, ability to use gestures to go right into app functions.
For example; I use the S motion to start soundhound app right from the lockscreen and it goes straight into song recognition (similar to shazam) which saves a lot of time from the unlock, tap, and tap again to listen, the gesture goes right in to the listen mode. I also use a line to unlock which makes it quicker than pooling that ring in many cases.
More tweaks are possible that I either don't remember at the moment (will update if I do) or just didn't get to yet (even though it's already been like 5 months).

More options: There's many more options when holding down the power button. For example you are able to reboot (unlike the original software which only allowed to turn off) and you can now also take print screens which makes it much easier (not having to remember the key combinations). Very convenient.

Better piracy. I'm not sure if this was a problem with the locked OS but I had no problems installing apps for free that normally cost $5 (yes I'm that cheap.. sometimes :) if they don't deserve it).

Of course the Adobe flash functions pretty well, gives me a huge advantage over the iPhone counterparts which should be shaking in their apple

Issues connecting to a GPS and although I only had a few days with the original I try to recall but I think it was connecting to GPS albeit quite slowly (took about 5-10 minutes on the road, which already got us to the destination before it found the satellite). This can be worked around by using the 3g/4g data to locate which I find pretty accurate, but using the existing GPS would still be nice...

Camera is not optimal, the original Froyo seemed to be a little better and I read on article that it's specialized by LG so it has better functions - in particular I miss the zoom option (even though it's digital) during video making. Also not a huge fan of the mkv format even if it's open source it seems to pixalate/break during certain motions or sounds or even random (can't figure out why) which I didn't quite get the chance to test on the previous OS but I do remember it had zoom on video and either mp4 or avi (can't remember).

Dropped calls. Not sure why or if this is model, software or hardware specific but I had instances where the phone simply goes blank while on a call, even if the battery is half full, signal is decent it just seems to turn off. Screen turning off to save battery while on a call is perfectly fine but the call cuts out and pressing the power button turns the unit on. which implies it was off? very strange and hope the software can be updated to fix this because I don't see how this could even be a hardware issue.

Lastly, my friend wanted to test out his Rogers sim card but even though the device is rooted it would not allow him to connect to the towers, maybe this was a settings thing (which I might be able to fix now) or maybe the antenna's use different frequencies but either way it would be a con since the purpose was to unlock and allow any or all sim cards (I know some old ones will never work if the backwards compatible antennas frequencies are simply not there any more)

My verdict is, it depends on your needs, if you want a functional phone with longer battery life (like me) go with the mod. Of course this can change depending on your provider and manufacturer (I saw some great HTC which have a very neat OS called HTC sense and I wouldn't bother upgrading it if I got it).

Remember that certain knowledge/skill and due diligence is required so you don't brick your phone.
Personally, after about 2 hours and maybe 3-4 (if not more) attempts, I was successful and never looked back (mainly because I can't! lol). On the other hand if you prefer suprior video recording quality and slightly better still camera (maybe just better features with panorama but I downloaded an app in any case) and don't mind the compromise of battery life you may as well stay on the old Froyo in the case of this device.

So these are my thoughts, did you do an upgrade? what are your experiences? do share comments, questions with us and post em below. If you would like me to help you upgrade your phone and you live in the Toronto area drop me a line at the email listed at the bottom.

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Solve the worlds problems - occupy movement wall street and zeitgeist movement

How society can change for the better.
By EduBoris (educational blog by Boris)

There are fundamental aspects to society that benefit everyone, those are productivity without violence toward humans and other animals (as well as plant and natural life and even non living things like water ways).
To solve any problem we must break it down, piece by piece and this will help us digest it, think of better solution and find a way to arrive at this solution safely.[1]

After following the Zeitgeist films, joining the zeitgeist movement which advocates a resource based economy I also noticed what was predicted which is now known as the occupy movement. Started as Occupy wall street spread virally to the rest of US and other major cities and major developed countries.
The problems become clearer with this movement, they really show the problems many already saw a while ago but now we can tell we are not alone, there's many people seeing these problems as real and need solving.
There have not been many great solutions though, I would have to say as much as I love the zeitgeist solutions they are very unrealistic to implement over night and will not be solved as fast as presented,

So I started thinking a little, and here is what I came up with.

Let's go to the problems of our society and see what can be fixed, all while strengthening what we want from (and give to) our society.

What do we want?
Aside from the obvious things like freedom, food, water, shelter[2] we also want purpose and when people can't get jobs they have no purpose.
So let's make this a better place and find a way we can all live together, because our species is dependent on each other for survival like any tribal animals (if there ever was any)

What are the problems?
It's pretty clear once we start looking where the problems are if we can implement some solutions toward eliminating them.

Prisons: should be eliminated, or ideally, converted to study centers which will consist of psychologists, scientists and violent criminals (secured from hurting anyone else) - this is important because the current system is simply not working, and is wrong on so many levels.

Wall Street: as we can see from the huge public outcry about wall street executives earning too much money, and companies being treated as people with no moral responsibilities. I think the answer might be shocking at first but is really interesting; get rid of corporations and companies.
Companies are no longer existing we can focus on human efforts. Organizations will still exist but they will always have to remain non-profit and educations with research and development.

This is where ti gets really interesting, if you follow my train of thought from above you can probably understand where this is going. We are getting to a system that uses minimal monetary exchange to reward efforts and efficiencies (although it's probably going to remain unlike the RBE system[3])

Some of you might be wondering where do 'things' come from? as you read above the non-profits and educational institutions such as universities that already produce great research in many areas. They research can be continued into development and actually produce quality products, as opposed to the current present day option which is producing sufficient quality but working yet useful products, which often deteriorate after the warranty is void because of the cyclical nature of the current stock-exchange monetary system.

Some might also be wondering why I decided to focus on universities? while currently they are really turning into a profit machine for their investors (similar to any company in the modern age) their history and even current research facilities provide unprecedented work. We can see this happening over and over, great things come out of universities, well this is why I think we need to keep people there AND bring people there. All education will be provided free of charge just like we already do with high schools. In fact this is another section of where the money will come from the currently rich, straight into schools. Not only universities need funding, we really need to start rewarding great teachers that mold our younger generation's mind, souls, hearts and brains.

Tax: the only real tax needed is for the very wealthy to pay right into the educational institutions. Really there is no need for any other government roles outside of educational funding, so this way we can eliminate governments to a point where it is virtually non-existent. We need to realize that education is really everything for any young mind.

For example; I have been following the drug wars we wage, and North America is amazing at these wars. But they are really fighting a loosing battle. We must take a step back and think about the problem, We have made a selection of substances illegal and criminal to posses, use, transport, buy/sell etc.

so what really happened is the black market is open for business and trading like the stock market. Billions if not Trillions of dollars are flowing everyday (similar to the stock market) for these drugs. so clearly there's a demand, but why is this demand there? some of the drugs are actually useful and not considered addictive (such as pot) other's are very damaging and we see the poverty stricken areas hit hard by the drug use (such as cocaine/crack and heroin/pharmaceuticals).

Does an educated person take addictive drugs? most likely not because they have been educated about the substance and seen examples of how this drug is damaging. Watch one documentary on heroin addicts and you will never do this drug in your life. I know this because this is all I had to watch to make my decision final on this substance. I didn't need some campaign 'say no to drugs' because it's too general and not informative. no education is involved you are simply told what to do. and no-one likes to be told what to do. we want to arrive at our own conclusions. I think this is human nature.l

So now there's more topics which I follow closely such as copyrights and intellectual properties. This is again to be simply abolished in place we will have the creative commons share-a-like license automatically applied to everything, by anyone, anywhere. We have technologies of internet that will help us solve all the issues together no matter how far we are from each other. all the way across the world or across the street, we communicate with wireless high speed internet and crowd-source solutions to everything.

some of these issues could include food, for example we can all grow a small amount of certain vegetables in every house and produce enough to save us a lot of money, maybe some neighbors who are able to grow more will sell it locally at a small fraction of the cost it would take a farmer to grow, then a trucker to drive, then a store clerk to sort, then a cashier to charge then you to drive this already few days if not weeks old product which lost most of it's nutrients, was most likely not made organically or responsibly (again the companies simply don't care).

Another example can be the energy crisis. Of course we are running out of oil but we also use a lot of coal and nuclear which is clearly problematic solutions. on the other hand we can place wind turbines in many paces and we can place solar panels on every roof. now you reduce the energy you consume from the grid while also provide your excess energy back into the grad (earning you money) because money should be an efficiency method and in many cases it can and it will be once we close down some of those multi national companies that are really problematic. (the corporation - great documentary, discusses how bad they behave and it really isn't 'a few bad apples' but the majority if not all corporations)

There are really solutions to everything if we put our heads to gather and try to solve in the best possible way. I certainly don't have all the answers but I am certain we can arrive at those answers and solve the worlds problems one step at a time.

So I really hope this message spreads, of course I hope to have some kind of credit but none of it needs to be given to me because my knowledge comes from the various sources on the internet that I used to study all the above mentioned issues and even most of the solution were already provided there. I will try to link to more informational videos and documents to help others discover this for them selves. please share the message.

1. This is how I work when I program and it's how it works in this scenario which is very well.
2. we see that shelters are taken away from people by banks when houses are foreclosed on, this is not right and another problem that can be fixed if broken down and solved
3. The reason for money still remaining as a means of exchange is probably because it's generally a good indicator of value, demand and supply of things that society decides they want or don't want. this is the true theory of free market, yet without actual companies that grow too large and have many faults. little regard to human or any kind of life as well as nature or the planet we live on.

Please comment your thoughts, ideas, criticism, etc

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BlackBerry 10 preview review

Thorsten Heins in the BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote General Session

Inbox - allows to flow to all channels, different apps are all running in background in real time.

Keyboard - adapts to your typing, predictive words

Camera - adjusting the faces to the right moment

I think those features look pretty great, I am of the belief that phones should last for at least 3 years (if possible) so I would stick to my android for the next 2 or so years left but still interesting enough to see what technology is being developed.

The app flow is very interesting, they promise that you will not need to know what you are running and get notifications when ever. Now I do have notifications any time and go into them on my current android (not yet ice cream sandwich). But the flow is certainly a great idea, will not need to remember where you were and go back just by swiping. As with android I would worry about processing and battery life with all those things running in the background.

Keyboard also sound great, I currently use the "swype" app called TouchPal and I think it's amazing upgrade to the old keyboard android uses (not sure what ice cream sandwich uses but I hear it has swype) so seeing the predictive words is a good idea but I do already have something similar and it's already great.

Camera - this is where my hardware could be better but I see that phone camera's have not reached their full potential yet, there's a great addition to fixing positions of faces and such, maybe it could be useful if it's a sport mode type of shot so you can go back and choose the right picture.

I have to say they appear to have impressed many people, I do think they have a chance to survive and not be dismantled as many predicted and even urged to them to do. But they certainly will not be back to where they once were, the top is now for other players and it's still good to see them attempt great technologies but only the future will tell how it goes.

Let me know what you think of blackberry, will they last? did you like the new presentation of bb10?