Sunday, May 30, 2010

SchTasks for backups with examples

It's easy to find the switches here but not so easy to find working examples.

Following up on the previous post(s) to schedule a tasks use this example:
schtasks /create /tn "Check server Mon-Fri at 8am" /tr c:\scripts\checkserver.bat /sc weekly /d Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri /st 8:00:00 /ru %computername%\%username% /rp %pass%

The computername and username are set by the system, you will need to specify the password:
SET pass=mySecurePass

So your script can look like:
@echo off
SET pass=mySecurePass

echo Adding Check Server scheduled task...
schtasks /create /tn "Check server Mon-Fri at 8am" /tr c:\scripts\checkserver.bat /sc weekly /d Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri /st 8:00:00 /ru %computername%\%username% /rp %pass%

echo done..

NOTE: if you are using a domain instead of workgroup you will need to specify that instead of %computername%.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

network monitor

Took me some time to find the right components, finally got it to work and this will help me a lot!

The dependencies are:
1. The mail program, best one (or only one) I found is HERE (more info and alternate download), get the one with STARTTLS (if using gmail), I saved it under %systemroot%\system32 and renamed to mail.exe for ease of use but you can leave the name (change in script) and place in same folder as script if there are security concerns.

2. Sleep command found HERE.

@echo off

SET ip=
SET wait=300

echo Checking if server (%IP%) online...
ping %IP%

if not errorlevel 1 goto :eof


echo Attempting to start VMware...
start vmware -x "D:\vmware\server\server.vmx"

echo Retry in %wait% seconds
sleep %wait%
ping %IP%

if not errorlevel 1 goto :eof

mail -f -d -smtp -port 587 -t -sub "SERVER DOWN!" -from -cc +bcc -v -starttls -auth -user USERNAME -pass PASSWORD -M "Please check server (%IP%) now!"


substitute the IP, emails, NAME and PASS to your gmail username and password.
Also which actions you want to do, if vmware check your location... etc.

Test it, and now all that's left is to schedule the script... those and more coming up in next posts.

Let me know how it goes!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

how to stream movie videos from megaupload

This is surprisingly, very simple to do, you will need:
I will assume these are installed with fairly default settings and that you have a working video link to megaupload (example).

  1. You can go ahead and type the code, wait for 20-40 seconds and click download.
  2. Once the the download starts navigate to your download folder (normally in My Documents\Downloads)
  3. There, you will see the filename of what you are downloading, using firefox it will be an empty file but  *filename*.part  can be played with VLC, if using chrome you can play the normal filename with VLC!
If you are unfamiliar with how to open in VLC: 
-Right click the *.part file > Properties > under Opens with click Change
-Find and select VLC media player > click OK and again OK.
-Now simply double click the file and you can start watching the video/movie!
    Let me know what you think, or if there are any issues... print screens coming soon!

    Prohibition in the 21st century

    Many already know the prohibition continues in the USA and majority of other countries... here is a more recent look at what is going on in California: How Weed Won the West part 1 and part 2

    Although President Obama promised to allow marijuana to be categories as conventional medicine, and allow state law take presidency over federal law, the raids continue. DEA take the crops, cash and trash the place from further business while the economy suffers - it seems the two just cannot be linked. Governor Schwarzenegger also agree in 2009 that the deficit is so large marijuana taxation will enable to keep schools open and violent prisons in jail.

    This is so clear to so many yet it feels nothing can be done, maybe the few that benefit are more powerful than the many that suffer and so life carries on being the way it was...

    For those stumbling here and interested in more videos check out the following great documentaries:

    more coming soon...

    As always let me know what you think!

    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    Why not to use wireless keyboards

    It seems like everyone has those cool wireless keyboards, but in the security world we explore everything and guess what has a weak encryption and can be hacked?

    Of course it's the topic of this post...

    Anyway I just thought it was important to get the word out there and inform the citizens of another security threat.

    Keyboard Sniffer Keykeriki from Max Moser on Vimeo.

    The device is not (yet) for sale but can be made by anyone with some soldering skills, once made it can reach 75 meters and the software is open source downloadable but probably will require some learning or even experience with Linux/Unix.

    Needless to say this is not only dangerous of eavesdropping on peoples conversations but passwords, credit cards and whatever else is being typed on those wireless keyboards of sensitive nature - can all be picked up over the air waves by soon-to-be-sold device and free software already available... [see bottom]

    Common wireless keyboard manufacturers (Microsoft and Logitech come to mind) don't give users a fauls sense of security when it's clear those are insecure!

    Also you should probably work on a better encryption, try getting some help from those who hacked your keyboards for starters....

    For more information check out's project.