Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prohibition in the 21st century

Many already know the prohibition continues in the USA and majority of other countries... here is a more recent look at what is going on in California: How Weed Won the West part 1 and part 2

Although President Obama promised to allow marijuana to be categories as conventional medicine, and allow state law take presidency over federal law, the raids continue. DEA take the crops, cash and trash the place from further business while the economy suffers - it seems the two just cannot be linked. Governor Schwarzenegger also agree in 2009 that the deficit is so large marijuana taxation will enable to keep schools open and violent prisons in jail.

This is so clear to so many yet it feels nothing can be done, maybe the few that benefit are more powerful than the many that suffer and so life carries on being the way it was...

For those stumbling here and interested in more videos check out the following great documentaries:

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