Friday, August 21, 2015

windows 10 rants problems, and improvements

First I should start with what I like about windows 10:

  • Upgrade was easy and painless (and free!)
  • Most of the controls, options, settings are the same, or easy enough to figure out
  • Runs fast enough, if not faster than previous version
  • Windows edge is good improvement from internet explorer
  • Finally back to a normal start menu

Now the problems I've been having, and hearing about:

  • Display drivers having problems, I've had witnessed my screen flashing numerous times. I had issues with screen freezing when I plug in my laptop power cord but when I unplug it is as if everything is still happening (i.e. whatever I clicked while it was plugged in and frozen did actually happen). I also heard of AMD display drivers having many issues with windows edge but I did not experience this.
  • Recently noticed that when the screen saver comes on my CPU usage goes up - figured this out from the heatsink fans spinning very loudly and by looking at the task manager.

All in all a decent operating system. Fast and stable. That is all we really want, is that too much to ask (looking at you ubuntu)