Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drive (2011) movie review

First, the movie starts slow but kind of cool, old school cars are shown and the character is wearing gloves. Interesting but very slow moving. Of course there's many movies starting fairly slow and pick up quickly and this movie seems to do it, but then slows down again, and again, and again, to be very, very slow.

I wanted to see this movie because it seemed it would only come out in theaters around Novemeber. The trailer was actually looking very good. And in that I would say it was very misleading. The action in the movie does come in and is very nice, I would compare it to any hollywood action flick in that sense but the slowness between each action sections of the movie simply make it unbearable. Somehow I did end up seeing it to the end and I am surprised by this as I thought I would turn it off, and I even questioned why I didn't but ended up seeing it through (I guess I like to finish things).

I only want to call the slow parts of the movie a huge wast of time, I really wish this 100 minute movie was edited to be 50 minutes, in fact I really want to do this myself and hope to find a nice video editing software and do this (if copyright didn't restrict me this would probably be floating around the internet for anyone to download). I would take out all the slow and non-plot related parts of the movie, and/or speed up the ones that are necessary for understand the rest of the movie. I actually thing with the right editing, and scene tweaking this movie can be great.

There is great potential in many of the scenes and I just wish it could be shortened in those long drawn out silence scenes that are simply not needed.

Let me know what you think:
Have you seen the movie?
if so do you think a cutting room floor would help and should I attempt to edit it? (if there's no demand I will not bother)

If you have not seen it, will you? how are other reviews if you read any?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

why I closed my google+ plus account

Of course I was one of the first to hear about Google+ the new social network attempt from the search giant. As with anyone in this field (of internet and technology) I signed u,p and it was very simple, quick and easy since I already love using my gmail account for just about everything; from youtube, hosted sites, web analytics, webmaster tools, search alerts, even this blogger account along with other experimental "labs".

So it was probably under a year and now I am shutting it down completely. Some may say it's too quick others may understand in today's world of fast paced technology innovation it's a proper time to evaluate and now I see this service has no use for me. I am sure when I signed up for Facebook I didn't use it as much and yet I remained on it (beside a brief disabling when I wanted to see what life was like without it again). I also got twitter and didn't use it, in fact I still rarely post I just subscribe to the community and reply or post to either have a global conversation or a more local one. In that sense Google+ has no place in the social network it's like a combination of the two but none because they do exist (facebook and twitter).

And this is why I closed my Google plus account.

So I want to ask you the reader, do you use facebook, twitter and/or google+ and how do you feel they fit into your life together or separately from each other?
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Chrome screen capture

for my previous post I used this screen capture add-on or extention for google chrome

it's pretty cool!

Facebook Ads.... or Photo rumors?

Was just checking out the new settings and such that facebook as been developing over time (sometimes making it harder to find what you're looking for but thats for another post) and under the unrelated topic of facebook ads there was a funny notice about a photo rumor: "There is a false rumor circulating that Facebook is changing who owns your private photos. You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook. Learn More"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zeitgeist possibility

Just had more thoughts about the possibility of zeitgeist and wanted a quick note, summary on the topic of it.
Is it possible? if so then how?

Simply one of two options (or both):

1. The whole system of money needs to collapse on itself, and the only way this would be possible is if people running the show wanted it to collapse. So the issues that occur on a quarterly bases with economies these days are probably because the population is growing and the amount of money is being consumed quicker and saved by more and more people (mostly the greedy ones whom want much more than they need). So since this is probably never going to happen (as we can see from Bush to Obama the bailouts will continue and federal reserves will make more money when the economy needs it = or as they say is running out of it.)

2. The majority or whole of the citizen population turns their thoughts around (wakes up) and decided that money doesn't work for them so they switch it together.

Outside of these two options (or both) I don't see either of those two options happening (not anytime soon at least). So for now we will all live in a greedy, capitalistic way of life and enjoy it while we can.
Clearly this will last long and I don't mean those above options will occur but rather the life of our species will prematurely end probably because of the way we treat the planet, as our playground by "raping and polluting" it like there's no tomorrow.

Comment your thoughts.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Analutious Calendar? A.L. Calendar?

UPDATE: correction it's spelled Anno Lucius and there's Wikipedia article about it.

What is this and why is there absolutely no results for this search keyword?
I mean how often do you come across this page on Google "No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.

Your search - analutious - did not match any documents." ? screen shot:

So I was watching this video which I found from my fav docu site (The Freeman Perspective) then decided to search this up and see more in depth (since it does look like an aged or old video) the only relevant search was this page from which asked the same question I am asking!
"What is the Freemason A.L. Calendar System?"

OK so this post is totally not answering anything, in fact asking more questions. Such as: is there any connection with Google having no results for this term (since we know that freemasions are high and mighty in many important places), do they have a hand in this information being blocked/suppressed or removed?

All that and more is yet to be found out and seen as more information comes in about the secret society and connection to the people in the highest places... and Jews thought they had power, LOL it's very laughable because clearly the masons have much more!

Good luck out there, and comment or email any and all information you have!
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