Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Zeitgeist possibility

Just had more thoughts about the possibility of zeitgeist and wanted a quick note, summary on the topic of it.
Is it possible? if so then how?

Simply one of two options (or both):

1. The whole system of money needs to collapse on itself, and the only way this would be possible is if people running the show wanted it to collapse. So the issues that occur on a quarterly bases with economies these days are probably because the population is growing and the amount of money is being consumed quicker and saved by more and more people (mostly the greedy ones whom want much more than they need). So since this is probably never going to happen (as we can see from Bush to Obama the bailouts will continue and federal reserves will make more money when the economy needs it = or as they say is running out of it.)

2. The majority or whole of the citizen population turns their thoughts around (wakes up) and decided that money doesn't work for them so they switch it together.

Outside of these two options (or both) I don't see either of those two options happening (not anytime soon at least). So for now we will all live in a greedy, capitalistic way of life and enjoy it while we can.
Clearly this will last long and I don't mean those above options will occur but rather the life of our species will prematurely end probably because of the way we treat the planet, as our playground by "raping and polluting" it like there's no tomorrow.

Comment your thoughts.

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