Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mastering the fast - understanding what we are

We are not water. We are beings of light.
Hydration is about hydrogen. Feeding is about removing obstructions so the body can feed the energy from source.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

fix fan noise in samsung refrigerator model rf23 hceb dr/aa

If your fridge has ice build up and makes noise when working there is only one way to fix it; melt the ice.

First step is to turn off the fridge, this is optional because when you open the french doors it turns off anyway. here is how to do it [source. Press Freezer, Alarm and Fridge at the same time for 5 to 7 seconds until the sound and O FF appears on screen.

Second step is either wait for it to melt or take a hair dryer and warm up the opening inside in the back of the fridge. it can take 5 to 10 minutes and make sure it is on Low heat not to overheat but simply to melt the ice.

Turn it back on and let it run for an hour. if the sound is still going repeat step 2.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Baked falafel Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel

If you're like me and prefer no oil frying then you may like the baked falafel creation called falafel belgy based on the Belgian waffle idea with the waffle iron.

Toppings with salad (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, pickle), tahini, hummus, amba and shug spicy sauces.
It is vegan, gluten free and oil free.

פלאפל בלגי
King George St 45, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
+972 3-622-7703

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How to extend visa in Ecuador

As of March 2019

The process is simple.

1. Go to a city with "policia de migracion" I went to Loja here:
Immigration Police
Peru, Loja, Ecuador
+593 7-257-3600

2. Show them your passport and ask for the extension. They will instruct you to go to the bank to pay the fee at "Banco del pacifico" which cost about $131 USD (cash only)

3. Return to the same office at step 1 with color copy of the front page of your passport (with photo) AND the visa stamp page entry to Ecuador, and fill out the basic information form (name, address, reason to extend - I wrote tourism) and you are done!

See my video here:

Enjoy Ecuador!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Create change delete filters in Gmail mobile app

It is not accessible to use Android or web version of Gmail to modify change create or delete the filter rules. The way to do this is using Google chrome go to, hit the three lines on the top left side of the screen. Scroll all the way down and click the desktop version.
Now you can click on settings on the top right and go to filters. You can create change and delete them here!