Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to shutdown torrent client remotly

I have experimented and implemented a simple method to shutdown my torrent client (uTorrent) in order to have faster internet speed on other computers without having to remote connect or physically go to the computer to shut it down.

It is as simple as typing the following into notepad and saving as a bat script:
taskkill /s \\boris /u boris /p 123 /f /im "utorrent.exe" /t

To explain what is going on here:
/s (system) \\domain -of the client
/u (user) username on the domain
/p (password) the password of the above user
/f force
/im executable program
/t tree of programs under it (child process) -seems to be necessary for shutting down uTorrent

once this is set up properly it can be run on the same network as your client and it will be shutdown to improve internet speed!

Note: be ware that the program does not shutdown properly and will check the downloading files next time the program is ran, if you're like me and don't mind this over faster internet connection when needed then you will enjoy this trick :)
Available for download HERE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Basics of Log Me In

Log Me In is a very powerful free web based application that is used for remote log in to desktops.

The basic installation is very simple to do, the only pre-installation requirements that Java is installed on each computer (including the one you are logging in from).

Once created a free account on the website, click "Add computer" on the computer you would like to log into from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection). Then choose the free edition, unless you would like the other version's which you may need to pay for. Now all is left to do is wait for the download and follow the on screen installation instructions.

Once complete you will be able to log into that computer from any internet connection preferably with firefox and java already installed, I would also suggest to install the firefox add-on which is prompted when connecting to your computer if possible.

Keep in mind that if someone is sitting on the computer you are logging into they will see what you do unless you check off "Blank screen" from the options. This can be useful if you are helping someone but not if you are checking some personal files or emails...

BTW happy new years everyone!