Thursday, May 29, 2014

Questions about Google self driving car

As all the fuss is about the new two passenger Google driver-less car there are many questions yet to be answered.

I thought I'd ask them now and search for answers later:

  • Who will get the first one hundred cars? 
  • What are the specs? I.e horsepower, range on battery, any air bags or other safety? Etc 
  • How does calling and setting locations work? Is Google maps involved? Maybe the new ubr integration? where can the car go? i.e. drivethrough? 
  • Is there going to be more apps connected? i.e. can you listen to music or watch youtube or netflix, etc
  • How does payment work? And pretty important how much does it cost? Assuming less than traditional taxis would be good competitive edge. 
  • Payment methods? maybe cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etc
  • What kind of regulation is there or will there be? Does it simply pass a driver license to say it works? 
  • How many rides or how long can a customers retain the car? for example if I want to run errands could I stop and go in to the store and the car will wait? etc

Any more questions that should be interesting?