Saturday, March 31, 2012

Capitalism and Technology vs Zeitgeist

After much thought as can be found by previous articles about zeitgeist and other thoughts it's pretty easy to see when looking outside the box (the box being where we are) that how we got here is clearly affected by the capitalistic society that we run.

How can we see this? it's simple to see that the technological advancements come from many needs to continue the same life of capitalistic civilization. Where it gets radical is from the near present, with the space age technology which was really cold war's weapons. And this is great because there are none or very few sacrifices of life happening to advance technology.

The space race was really equal to the cold war in a sense that the war had no weapons of conventional means but it was to see who can advance the technology further to get to the goal, at the time, space and moon, travel and exploration.

There's many that believe this to be one of the best times in history for technology, space and science. Exploration was happening everywhere, and not just in outer-space but also in the spirits of the youth movement at the time, which used the now outlawed plants and chemicals ingested to help achieve hallucinations and great experiences was had by the population of North America.

But it seems once the space age and cold war was over many problems occurred and now we see a shift of freedoms and economic value, which is preciseness better in Asia.

But how all this relates to zeitgeist? one might think, the relation is once you look at the way technology has been both used and abused to continue the capitalistic society. Look at your technology right now, what do you have and what do you use it for? from you cell smart phone to your laptop/desktop and the tablets but also on what you use inside such as software for "productivity" you are just a piece of the puzzle which keeps cycling through the goods and services of the world around you.

Buying, selling, using and doing it all again and again, over and over for many, many times - this is the cycle of products and usage of services. There's much undercutting for example when culture is available for free we see a huge backlash by the media companies to stop it from happening, specially when they are the ones cut out of the equation.

Each job in the current is related in one way or another to this cycle and to continue this cycle. If you read the other articles I'm sure this point is repeated but this is why the occupy movement is so powerful and so important. It is there to disrupt the cycle and the fun those conspirators having at the top or those who simply don't know and are sheep following the herd. The wake up is here and has already awaken many millions like those youth in the '70s and it really didn't happen since the '70s which is why it's so challenging now that those in power feel so comfortable in their place. Are able to lie right in the public's face and continue like nothing happens....

Monday, March 26, 2012

How to get to mobile setup in Google Calendar

1. In Gmail click on the Calendar button at the top row of buttons

 2. Click on the Gears button which opens up the Settings button within the calendar

 3. Click on Mobile Setup