Friday, November 6, 2009

If it ain't broke, take it apart and fix it.

I gotta make this quick for now so here is what I've been looking at instead of doing school projects....

The famous saying: "if it ain't broke don't fix it" has to be changed to a more appropriate "If it ain't broke, take it apart and fix it" :)

I found this on a T-shirt while browsing the net, this started when I was reading up on my router firmware (gargoyle) and updating to a new beta (version 1.1.1. experimental) as well as looking at information which referenced me to an interesting blog.

'I void warranties' is ironically also the title of that blog and T-shirt I linked to earlier but I got to the tshirt initially from looking at the post about sysadminday which then linked to gift ideas at thinkgeek.

That should cover my day of surfing the interweb and hopefully conclude it by finishing the assignments I am looking forward to forgetting about already...