Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boxee - interesting concept, not there yet

I recently found this interesting thing called you can either purchase some pre-installed boxee unit or just install on your computer of choice [Linux, Windows or Mac] (and it's free). I made a login (also free) and tried to use it, I have to say tried because I gave up after about 10 minutes. Install is 40mb, not huge but those of use with bandwidth caps we want to limit unnecessary downloading, specially to watch a few things online... easier to go to a good divx streaming website in my opinion.

Anyway just out of sheer curiosity I had a peak inside this app on my xp box, cool enough if you want to navigate using the mouse only (didn't have to in my case)... a little slow for most video cards and worst of all; doesn't play what you ask!

I tried to watch 'South Park' just cause it seemed to be on top of the list, found some episode I think I haven't seen and... after some waiting... tosh.o comes on! [/facepalm]
Yes some show I never watch comes on instead of what I ask... great job guys. Good effort but that's an F for failure!

I like the ambitious effort and it would be quite nice if it works but the fact is, it's just easier to use a streaming website! the toughest part is installing divx web player, or flash player and watch youtube or something.. certainly better than this.

Sorry for the folks at boxee, I hope you didn't invest too much but unless I'm the only one that thinks this (and I hope so for your sake) but unless the issues are fixed, and there's loads of content that we just can't get elsewhere you will not have the edge, and unfortunately may not even survive.

But that's my opinion, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zeitgeist First Steps

Assuming you have read my previous posts, or at least understand and agree that the current money system is inherently problematic, the easy answer is yes we need to get rid of money and go toward a resource based economy.

The hard question is how can the entire world turn their heads upside-down overnight?
The answer is no they cannot, and they will not. Change will be slow but sure to come because it's easy to see if you just open your eyes. Things like Wikipedia and Linux were the beginning (decades ago), now we see Wikileaks and the Tunisian and Egyptian protests. We can see changes around the world ARE happening, and I think that's the most important part.

The more complex answer is how will these changes manifest? what direction will they take? and ultimatly we WILL, without a doubt, end the money system. One way or another.

As I said to the stubborn entrepreneur I had conversations with about this topic, it is not a question of 'if' it's more about 'when' and 'how' and we can see some of those answers as well already.

As with the zeitgeist movement they have many good answers and suggestions but they often don't have them all and so I think they should really ask the public (they have 500k people signed up) for more inspiration in their forums.

Motivation or incentives - specifically for complex tasks or problem solving it is proven that monetary rewards are almost never (90% of the time) solved fast, high quality and rewarding (to the person) by money rewards. [Reference: "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" watch it on TED]

More conversations and more thoughts have gone on in the past few days and I have taken in more knowledge, here is another documentary along the way that explores how humans exploit resources (tar sands - oil)  for monetary gain without any consideration for the precious ones that we really depend on to survive (water)

But I hope you have basic understanding by now so will continue to explore a different system.
As a side note one discussion with immigrants from the former soviet union led them to believe that Zeitgeist is a Communistic Idea. After reading up on it, yes it has many similarities but also many exceptions such as politics and money. Also please keep in mind the soviet union was not communist it was socialist with the goal to get to communism which never manifested. Which led me to believe that the soviet union may have never intended to be truly communistic since I know they had many of their own agendas in place and kept many secrets from its people. After seeing the similarities I thought 'maybe communism is not such a bad idea after all...'

More importantly, we really have to remember is to forget about labels and strict ideas or ideals and to simply work out a new system that will solve our problems and it will never be perfect so we will always keep solving new problems as they come along. That's the only way to make a better system for all of us while not destroying what we have left on this planet in terms of resources. All we know now for sure is the current system really is very bad and it must change. And it will change.

Once we can work out a way for all of us to get physical (or physiological) needs such as clean air, clean water, and nutritious food. Second we need to get our safety needs (that doesn't mean surveillant cameras everywhere!) a warm shelter that is comfortable enough. And now we can start solving real problems like how to reduce our wast or resources, energy and consumption in order for everyone to have a chance to live well and also help solve these problems! (there are many of them; how to reduce toxic use, advance technology and all of that without ever worrying about money).

Some of you may have learned it in school as Maslow's hierarchy of needs, at least in my case I learned it in a high school business class of all places. We distinguished from needs and wants. We learned that in order to sell unnecessary products we have to create the need of those products when really they are simply wanted (you will not die without an iphone - literally you need food and water first and after you have it all else is just a 'want'). Anyway we really need to explore the knowledge we have and technology can accelerated the learning and problem solving along with brilient minds that study the fact that reward of money will not make us happy, nor will the money itself. Problem solving for a purpose, say real world issues that are actually useful will!

Okay, give me your thoughts and comments below.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to upload over 10-15 minutes on youtube

Have you ever had some long documentary and thought:
How do I post over 10-15 minutes of video on youtube?

Well there are actually two possible answers:
1. Split the video into 15 minute parts.
This could get long process that may be frustrating and technically difficult - I may explore this in another section for those that are interested in the future. Also note that now anyone can post 15  minute videos because the minimum was raised from 10 to fifteen recently.

2. Get on good terms with youtube!
Here's my print screen that shows I am now allowed to post over 15minutes!
But what is my limit? does it mean I'm unlimited? maybe....
More importantly how did I do it? there is no trick, I never contacted them nor did I ever ask for it.
I had many videos (50+) that never infringed on anyone's rights because it was simply me filming some pets and animals (in my backyard or elsewhere) and I presume that because of this 'clean' record with youtube this account was raised and I am now allowed to post videos longer than 15 minutes.

Yey now I can my a documentary of an hour and a half for everyone to watch in one bulk instead of 20 parts :)

Thanks youtube/google.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zeitgeist Resource Based Economy

It's amazing from the time I saw the third Zeitgeist film (about 3 days ago) I have been thinking a little more about these ideas but what's more is I was talking about them much more and interestingly enough for all the questions from people although I didn't have the answers right away I was finding them more and more every day.

Looking at all the problems from a money based system we can say, ok this is a problem but how do we fix it? and there are many more in-depth detailed questions about how a new, money free, system will solve these issues without creating new ones. The answers have been popping up right in front of me over and over again so I can't let this opportunity slip and my train of thoughts are showing me that one day not too long from now, maybe no more than a few years, we will live in a much different world and be thankful for this new systems and technologies while remembering back on how we USED to live and be in awe how it stayed like that for so long.

The StoryOfStuff is what came to me first and I saw the clip on the website and saw that I'm certainly not alone in this, someone (Annie Leonard) already done the research and put it out there in this amazing project initiative to tell the the story of where we get our 'stuff'. She explains the linear path of which stuff go through and while watching this right after 'Zeitgeist: moving forward' it was a really easy link to see that money drives the problems of the excessive creation of stuff with toxins and resources are simply being wasted.

After discussing the ideas of RBE(Resource Based Economy) with an entrepreneur the question 'how will people be motivated?' came very quickly and because I always taking things with a grain of salt (including RBE) I had no real good answer but I did explain the concept of Wikipedia which amazingly was new to him. If you are not familiar you have to watch Jimmy Wales videos (founder of Wikipedia) and read about the ideas and how it runs with literally thousands of volunteer editors that do it for simply the joy of doing it and for no monetary gain. Also I went on to explain about open source projects and the free ideas of Linux technology and how it compares and in most cases is much better than a commercial software like Microsoft yet has no corporate offices nor corporate jets as one film put it. But I also had an understanding with the entrepreneur that these people are numbered (even if by the thousands, we compare to the billions living on the planet today) and it takes a certain individual to do something like that (volunteer editing or programing for free).

Today I finally stumbled upon the answer that will truly apply to everyone when it comes to motivation WITHOUT money. I watched in amazement the short interview with Daniel Pink and continued to research about his book 'Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us' and I found a >> ted video << which is really a must to see to understand what is the true motivation in people and how creativity is actually stifled by the motivation of money (proven in countless experiments for over 40 years). So while you watch that video it will discuss a lot about today's business and companies but keep in mind we do live in this world now and that's the problems he is addressing but why not take out the money altogether and now you see that we are simply better off without it!

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Google ad spot in gmail

Noticed this in some emails probably a few weeks ago, just had a chance to take a screen capture and post it here for anyone interested in what google is up to these days.

The new spot shows up in email "conversations" bottom where there used to be nothing. But this is not always there and as you may know you don't always get too many ads so I find it a good fit, it's not disruptive or anything, google knows how to do ads.