Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zeitgeist Resource Based Economy

It's amazing from the time I saw the third Zeitgeist film (about 3 days ago) I have been thinking a little more about these ideas but what's more is I was talking about them much more and interestingly enough for all the questions from people although I didn't have the answers right away I was finding them more and more every day.

Looking at all the problems from a money based system we can say, ok this is a problem but how do we fix it? and there are many more in-depth detailed questions about how a new, money free, system will solve these issues without creating new ones. The answers have been popping up right in front of me over and over again so I can't let this opportunity slip and my train of thoughts are showing me that one day not too long from now, maybe no more than a few years, we will live in a much different world and be thankful for this new systems and technologies while remembering back on how we USED to live and be in awe how it stayed like that for so long.

The StoryOfStuff is what came to me first and I saw the clip on the website and saw that I'm certainly not alone in this, someone (Annie Leonard) already done the research and put it out there in this amazing project initiative to tell the the story of where we get our 'stuff'. She explains the linear path of which stuff go through and while watching this right after 'Zeitgeist: moving forward' it was a really easy link to see that money drives the problems of the excessive creation of stuff with toxins and resources are simply being wasted.

After discussing the ideas of RBE(Resource Based Economy) with an entrepreneur the question 'how will people be motivated?' came very quickly and because I always taking things with a grain of salt (including RBE) I had no real good answer but I did explain the concept of Wikipedia which amazingly was new to him. If you are not familiar you have to watch Jimmy Wales videos (founder of Wikipedia) and read about the ideas and how it runs with literally thousands of volunteer editors that do it for simply the joy of doing it and for no monetary gain. Also I went on to explain about open source projects and the free ideas of Linux technology and how it compares and in most cases is much better than a commercial software like Microsoft yet has no corporate offices nor corporate jets as one film put it. But I also had an understanding with the entrepreneur that these people are numbered (even if by the thousands, we compare to the billions living on the planet today) and it takes a certain individual to do something like that (volunteer editing or programing for free).

Today I finally stumbled upon the answer that will truly apply to everyone when it comes to motivation WITHOUT money. I watched in amazement the short interview with Daniel Pink and continued to research about his book 'Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us' and I found a >> ted video << which is really a must to see to understand what is the true motivation in people and how creativity is actually stifled by the motivation of money (proven in countless experiments for over 40 years). So while you watch that video it will discuss a lot about today's business and companies but keep in mind we do live in this world now and that's the problems he is addressing but why not take out the money altogether and now you see that we are simply better off without it!

Let me know what you think.

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