Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boxee - interesting concept, not there yet

I recently found this interesting thing called you can either purchase some pre-installed boxee unit or just install on your computer of choice [Linux, Windows or Mac] (and it's free). I made a login (also free) and tried to use it, I have to say tried because I gave up after about 10 minutes. Install is 40mb, not huge but those of use with bandwidth caps we want to limit unnecessary downloading, specially to watch a few things online... easier to go to a good divx streaming website in my opinion.

Anyway just out of sheer curiosity I had a peak inside this app on my xp box, cool enough if you want to navigate using the mouse only (didn't have to in my case)... a little slow for most video cards and worst of all; doesn't play what you ask!

I tried to watch 'South Park' just cause it seemed to be on top of the list, found some episode I think I haven't seen and... after some waiting... tosh.o comes on! [/facepalm]
Yes some show I never watch comes on instead of what I ask... great job guys. Good effort but that's an F for failure!

I like the ambitious effort and it would be quite nice if it works but the fact is, it's just easier to use a streaming website! the toughest part is installing divx web player, or flash player and watch youtube or something.. certainly better than this.

Sorry for the folks at boxee, I hope you didn't invest too much but unless I'm the only one that thinks this (and I hope so for your sake) but unless the issues are fixed, and there's loads of content that we just can't get elsewhere you will not have the edge, and unfortunately may not even survive.

But that's my opinion, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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