Sunday, October 24, 2010

WEP wifi hack windows 7

I never found instructions for windows 7 so after 2 days of testing came up with solutions that worked for me, follow these 10 steps and let me know if it works in the comments here.

Please purchase these instructions for only $4.99 (USD) here:

Watch the youtube video

You will need:

Data Gathering
1. Install commview: go to the commview folder in the package and double click setup, follow the install nothing special but once done it will fail saying it's not compatible with vista, ignore that.

2. take the crack file and place it in C:\program files\commviewwifi\ (or program files86 if you have 64 bit windows), it will say something about overwriting accept it.

3. Next right click the file cv.exe and click properties, compatabilities and select windows xp sp3 and run as administrator.

4. run it, now if you can click the play button your drivers work your lucky and can skip to number 7

5. otherwise you can close the program and right click computer, manage. go to Device Manager and find your wireless card that you are using (under network adapters) now right click and Update driver software...

6. Browse, Let me pick, Have Disk, Browse
Locate the pack included and go to Driver or NewDrivers (one should work for new as there's different versions [thanks logan perkins]), ok it and see if it finds your drivers
If successful open the CV.exe again and you should see the play button highlighted it worked and you can continue

7. click it and select Scan find the network you are targeting and begin the capture
Note make sure to check the logs to autosave and increase the size to 1000Mb and 100mb per log
They will be located under the program files directory of commview, LOGS

It can take 4-8 hours of gathering packets (might be less or more depending on how lucky/unlucky you are - took me around 20 hours because of weaker signal strength), once done you can continue to crack the data to gain the passphrase shared wep key:

8. Open the logs with commview, file, export, Tcpdump files (*.cap) save whatever name you like

9. Go to the pack, aircrack, Aircrack-ng GUI.exe, browse to the files, choose 64 (or leave at 128 if determined it) and launch

10. wait for the loading and press 1 and enter, the cracking begins and when done you should get the key.
Note to remove the colons and use just the numbers (maybe letter characters too?)
Report back and let us know in the comments below (note: the comments section was getting too big so I have moved the previous comments here: you can still comment here but I will move it there for organizational purposes.)


Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

enter key submits without javascript

What was absolutely mind boggling to me is when my script had input tags that would work just fine when pressing enter, running the javascript and others that wouldn't. To explain further heres the code that was in the input text tags:
onKeyPress="if(event.keyCode == 13){ search() }"

Here you see the event which is equal to enter (when enter is pressed) should run the function of javascript (in this case search which does... you guessed it, search) anyway the problem was it would submit the form in the get method in the simplest way that my website couldn't interpret because it's a little more complex and sends stuff inside files... to the solution!

add this code to the body tag at the top of the pages with this issue:
OnKeyPress="return disableEnterKey(event)"

and add the function to your general javascript or somewhere at the header depending on how you do things:

function disableEnterKey(e){
var key;
key = window.event.keyCode; //IE
key = e.which; //firefox

return (key != 13);

This solved my issue, source and credit for this solution (although with a small misspelling) goes to this link:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

refresh div html with js

With a small mod for my particular project the code from this site was perfect:

In my case I wanted to refresh when something else happened and this was the simplest for me to implement. heres the code:

this on top of the page (script)src="">
( script)

This in the ajax.js
function navrefresh(){

of course i liked things fast (they had it slow on that site above) and the correct div ID as well as the php page to load the right things..... now just call this function where needed and your all done!

ps. i still didn't figure out how to use the html tags without blogger thinking it's html?
update: found it in the > post options, compose settings "show html literally"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

autoplay autostart mp3 music on startup

It was a quick project to setup an 'on hold' music server, but this can be used for countless other projects such as a jukebox or whatever you can think of, get creative :)

Very simple, first you will need VLC, used this for many years now, updates constantly but i'm sure older version can work too.

Second you need a playlist of the music, mp3s or wma etc (most will be played by VLC, that's what it does :)
I had created mine by opening VLC, click on the 'show playlist button' drag and drop all the music into the middle, wait for the processing and click "Media" > "Save playlist to file", named it and I choose the m3u extension.

Third part is the command line, as follows:
"c:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -Z "c:\mp3\onhold.m3u"

In my case I used -Z to shuffle because I want it to keep going and in a random order, there are many more options found HERE

Create the scheduled tasks to load this playlist on start up:

Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks, right click, new scheduled task, in the properties place the absolute path to this script file or simply the line above in "Run" and under schedule choose "At login" or "At startup", save and now when you reboot this will start!

Note: 1.keep all the files in place, if directories or names change that may affect the music from playing.
2. Once the command is executed you will see VLC start with preloaded settings and playlist songs.
3. You may see the black command prompt window, this can be closed in most cases without lose of music.

Let me know how it goes!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mulve no more

All good things come to an end... this one is no longer available for download but also the program unrelated to the site (so i thought) doesn't function anymore either...

too many legal issues?