Thursday, July 13, 2017

Raw vegan food in airports

Mostly a difficult task, finding good quality raw food in airports.

Some restaurants have fresh young coconuts, others can have salads (might be loaded with sauces and might even have cheese or even worse, dead animals!)

In Jakarta, I found a buffet for 15 dollars (Canadian) that is full of fruits and vegetables!
Expensive but worth it if you have 5 hours to kill and you can keep eating the papaya!

Hope there will be a better community information in the future to help share where the quality and cheap raw foods are around the world when it's hard to find. Also my experience that tourist traps in city centers have very limited and expensive fruits.

Help each other find the fruit, abundance is out there.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Podcast #001 - Conversation with Jimmy

I met 72 year old Jimmy at Ubud Market Hostel in Bali, Indonesia.
He is born in United States of America and moved to Mexico in 2010 and began to give back to his community several years later.

We talked about his history, his point of view on religion, universe, life and how to live simply.

Listen here:

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Thank you

Monday, May 29, 2017

General Guide for finding local fruit markets

Being fruitarian I always love local fruit markets, here's the tips of what I learned so far for finding them around the places I've visited.

1. Google - best friend indeed, also on google maps using keywords like market, fruit, etc.

2. Look for major streets, intersections and bus or train stations tends to yeld good success in countries like India, Nepal and rest of Asia. Though I find less in South East Asia since so much of the population owns motorbikes and not so much is transported on bus or train routes.

3. Look for major stores, they tend to have morning markets outside!

4. Talk to the locals! find out the word for fruit and/or market and ask them if they know where it is! when it is and more.

Enjoy fruit hunting!

Let me know if you have more tips in the comments below!
Thank you