Friday, November 16, 2018

Why care about what you eat?

Why is it important to care about what we eat?Should you care about what you eat?
I think so. The food we eat is the energy we spread. We take it in but also we spread the message that this is the energy we should take.

For health - mental, physical, emotional.
Energy exchange, what you pay - money and attention you will increase in this area of the world.

Where does your food come from?
Which country? which plant? which animal?

Have you met anyone that does not like to eat?
Everyone loves to eat, it seems like a constant common ground for pretty much all human beings.

We want to enjoy eating. When we do not have an appetite we wish we did so we can enjoy the taste and feelings we get. We can bond and share our time during a meal or snack. We socialize with the vendors and others that are also around us eating or see us eating and enjoying. Cooking is also a fun activity that we spend lots of time and energy on from watching to learning to doing.

Even if the food itself only accounts for a quarter or less of the actual energy we use, the three dimensional food we take can be our medicine or our poison depending on: what it is, how we consume it and the amounts. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Transcendence - Live life beyond the ordinary documentary series

On the food matters TV website there's a limited time free streaming documentary series with 5 films.
It is only free until Nov 11, 2018. [If you missed the chance and want to watch it please email me and I will send you the access]

Including: Bruce Lipton, Whim Hoff, Jim Kwik, Stig Severinsen

1. What's in our food? 
Discussing the contents of food, the dangers of modern foods.
"Could the first step to changing your life be as simple as what you put in your mouth? Should you eliminate gluten? How can you heal the gut and autoimmune conditions naturally? What’s the best diet for long term health and vitality?

In this episode, we’ll begin by taking a closer look at the evolution of our modern diet and in particular how our quest for the perfect, durable crop has resulted in a distorted version of a once-humble grain. But wheat and gluten can’t be all to blame, it is the culmination of what we eat and the way we eat in the 21st century that has really lead us astray.

We’ll also deep dive into the role of the gut in terms of overall health and its impact on the explosion of autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, crohn's, fibromyalgia and celiac disease. Plus witness how a young boy from war-torn Serbia went on to become one of the world’s greatest tennis players, simply through changing what he fueled his body with.

If you’re reading this and have already seen this episode then you’re probably thinking about how you can start to eliminate gluten and refined sugar from your diet to start healing your gut naturally. This is a great first step, but it can be overwhelming!

This is why we have created two eBooks that will help you to eliminate gluten and sugar from your diet while healing and protecting your gut.

The 21 Day Gluten-Free Meal Plan & Shopping List is the perfect practical guide to getting started and applying what you've just learned. And the Gut Matters eBook is full of gut-healing lifestyle tips & recipes to heal and support your gut healing journey naturally.

These two eBooks are available for FREE when you join FMTV as an annual member today. And as a member you'll also get instant access to all 5 episodes of TRANSCENDENCE docu-series and Masterclass to help you apply all the knowledge in the series."

2. Overcoming fear & stress
Reduce fear by replacing negative with positive. What if -- fill in the blank.
"Could living in a state of fear and stress be contributing to illness? Is there a link between stress and cancer? Can you heal your body through controlling your mind and breath?

In this episode, you’ll hear how Chris Wark went from fear-driven cancer patient to confident cancer survivor and thriver, using the power of nutrition and breaking negative thoughts and emotions. Through his anecdotal story, you’ll discover how your fear and stress affect your health, how it inhibits your immune system and can down regulate genes, and how your body was never designed to be in chronic fear and stress.

We’ll dive deep into how living in a state of stress can cause a negative physiological response in the body and how stress hormones inhibit the body’s ability to effectively use body fat as fuel.

And we’ll teach you how to diminish fear and stress to regain power with breathwork, and various other lifestyle techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and daily rituals.

Once you watch Episode 2, you’re probably going to have an urge to breathe like Wim Hof and start having cold showers daily. If you want to learn his method you can take his breathwork miniclass as one of the extended lessons inside the Transcendence Masterclass, available on FMTV.

In this extended lesson with Wim, you will learn the methodology behind his breathing technique, how to create your own morning breathwork routine, and why you should be taking cold showers every single day.

The is just one of the extended lessons inside of the 21 Day Transcendence Masterclass which is available on FMTV."

3. Beyond belief 
"What if you could live a life of abundance, happiness, health, wealth, and love?

In this episode, you’ll meet an extraordinary person who grew up believing that he will be nothing other than ordinary. You’ll witness how a boy with a 'broken brain' overcame his learning difficulties to go on and achieve his life dreams and become a world expert in accelerated learning.

We’ll dive deep into the the way our minds are programmed and what forms our beliefs, values, and identity, and how we can reconfigure our brains to alter our limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

Not only can recalibrating the individual mind be beneficial for our mental state and accelerate us towards our goals in life, it can also control our biochemistry. Negative and positive emotions can have a significant impact on the expression of disease.

Your mind is everything. What you think you become."

4. Whose goals are you chasing?
Consider living life by your own terms.
"Are you sitting on top of mountains of untapped potential that you’re not consciously aware of?

In this episode, you’ll meet a man who was out-of-shape, reliant on alcohol, and working in for a law firm that was driving him into the ground, who decided at 40, things needed to change. This man is now a world-renowned ultra-endurance athlete. 

His story, like many others, is a result of trying to live in the modern culture-scape which was designed to keep us safe, but not to keep us happy and fulfilled. 

Through inspirational stories, discover what you are truly capable of physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and reignite your purpose to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. Learn how to break free from an unfulfilled life and start making your own rules and goals to find true happiness."

5. The art of fulfillment
"Break free of the everyday mundane and start living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In this episode, we’ll hear from a selection of inspiring individuals who have broken free from modern systems to discover a life that is fulfilling.

We’ll hear from John Robbins, a man who was groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps, but chose to walk away from multi-billion dollar company.

Marie Forleo will speak about a life of taking risks, chasing a career and a life doing what she loves, not just what pays the bills.

You’ll meet Sean Stephenson, who was born with a rare bone disorder, resulting in a life filled with physical and emotional pain. Amidst those trials, he found clarity and chose to share his purpose with the world.

The modern world may try to define your purpose, but only you truly can. Your unique purpose must be the thing that gets you out of bed and causes you to show up to each moment like you’re really meant to be there.

Uncover your gift and find your unique purpose."