Friday, November 16, 2018

Why care about what you eat?

Why is it important to care about what we eat?Should you care about what you eat?
I think so. The food we eat is the energy we spread. We take it in but also we spread the message that this is the energy we should take.

For health - mental, physical, emotional.
Energy exchange, what you pay - money and attention you will increase in this area of the world.

Where does your food come from?
Which country? which plant? which animal?

Have you met anyone that does not like to eat?
Everyone loves to eat, it seems like a constant common ground for pretty much all human beings.

We want to enjoy eating. When we do not have an appetite we wish we did so we can enjoy the taste and feelings we get. We can bond and share our time during a meal or snack. We socialize with the vendors and others that are also around us eating or see us eating and enjoying. Cooking is also a fun activity that we spend lots of time and energy on from watching to learning to doing.

Even if the food itself only accounts for a quarter or less of the actual energy we use, the three dimensional food we take can be our medicine or our poison depending on: what it is, how we consume it and the amounts. 

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