Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to upload over 10-15 minutes on youtube

Have you ever had some long documentary and thought:
How do I post over 10-15 minutes of video on youtube?

Well there are actually two possible answers:
1. Split the video into 15 minute parts.
This could get long process that may be frustrating and technically difficult - I may explore this in another section for those that are interested in the future. Also note that now anyone can post 15  minute videos because the minimum was raised from 10 to fifteen recently.

2. Get on good terms with youtube!
Here's my print screen that shows I am now allowed to post over 15minutes!
But what is my limit? does it mean I'm unlimited? maybe....
More importantly how did I do it? there is no trick, I never contacted them nor did I ever ask for it.
I had many videos (50+) that never infringed on anyone's rights because it was simply me filming some pets and animals (in my backyard or elsewhere) and I presume that because of this 'clean' record with youtube this account was raised and I am now allowed to post videos longer than 15 minutes.

Yey now I can my a documentary of an hour and a half for everyone to watch in one bulk instead of 20 parts :)

Thanks youtube/google.

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