Friday, August 26, 2011

Mickey's fine malt liquor under the cap answers

So on this site: although there's many answers but its not all the caps, check out for the rest of the answers.
Here's some that if I couldn't find elsewhere (or didn't bother to look?):
"Hey, Big Tipper"

"Go for second(s) [base]"

New project to combine all my caps!
(send them in if you have more, if you are interested in this piece I can start selling them!)
[if you have any corrections comment or email. if you want to put your cap and answer here send the cap (upload the image to send the direct link if possible) to theborisedu at]

Monday, August 22, 2011

WinSCP synchronize scripting example

depending on how automated you need this script to be (I need very much to do it daily on it's own) so in my case I created this file example.txt:

option batch abort
option confirm off
open ftp://username:password@ftphost
synchronize local c:\local\path /path/on/server
 Now this is the first part for local, so downloading everything new on the server to the local directory, next we have to put either in same file between the synchronize command and exit or I tried in new file example2.txt:
option batch abort
option confirm off
open ftp://username2:password2@ftphost2
synchronize remote c:\local\path /path/on/server2
Note: If you need it to be SFTP instead of ftp:/ simply take that part out to look like this: open username2:password2@ftphost2
Getting the same thing to a secondary server with different username and pass of course,  this means we are replicating not only locally but also on a second server (for maximum redundant and backup if you have an important application like I do).

And for automation purpose I have a script called ftp.bat with following:
"progs\WinSCP.exe" /script=c:\path\to\example.txt /log=c:\path\to\logs\sftplog.txt
"progs\WinSCP.exe" /script=c:\path\to\example2.txt /log=c:\path\to\logs\sftplog.txt

Finally it's pretty easy to create a scheduled task (instructions will be coming soon if there's demand for this, leave a comment below) simply to point to ftp.bat and start it daily when you wish to do it!

Leave any feedback please

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wikipedia Image filter referendum

Just wanted to throw my two cents to the issue raised by Wikipedia about hiding images. []

It seems very easy to me, when non-logged in users open an article with images that have been flagged by the community (for whatever reason) and this reason could be shown (i.e. nudity or disturbing image has been hidden) and after it's hidden from distracting the reader, they will have the option to click to view the image anyway. I think this because of the nature of wikipedia it is open and should remain this way, so anyone can view anything at any time, the hiding part sounds interesting because it can also distract from the text in the article which is usually more important at first, images are secondary.

And of course for those logged-in users, can filter and choose which images you want to see or not, but this is not very important to me because I only logging if I want to make important edits. Otherwise for reading and minor edits I don't bother...

Let me know what you think in the comments below and also be sure to let wikipedia know what you think too!

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