Friday, September 2, 2011

Analutious Calendar? A.L. Calendar?

UPDATE: correction it's spelled Anno Lucius and there's Wikipedia article about it.

What is this and why is there absolutely no results for this search keyword?
I mean how often do you come across this page on Google "No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.

Your search - analutious - did not match any documents." ? screen shot:

So I was watching this video which I found from my fav docu site (The Freeman Perspective) then decided to search this up and see more in depth (since it does look like an aged or old video) the only relevant search was this page from which asked the same question I am asking!
"What is the Freemason A.L. Calendar System?"

OK so this post is totally not answering anything, in fact asking more questions. Such as: is there any connection with Google having no results for this term (since we know that freemasions are high and mighty in many important places), do they have a hand in this information being blocked/suppressed or removed?

All that and more is yet to be found out and seen as more information comes in about the secret society and connection to the people in the highest places... and Jews thought they had power, LOL it's very laughable because clearly the masons have much more!

Good luck out there, and comment or email any and all information you have!
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