Friday, March 27, 2015

Ubuntu issues and problems

So after about a year of using my Acer Aspire laptop I decided to get myself a new solid sate drive to replace the hybrid drive. And with this I thought why not try installing Ubuntu instead of the ol' windows setups. Here's my experience so far.

My major issues that made the laptop unusable or simple irritate me:
  • Mouse freezing! to fix: ctrl+alt+f[1-5] and then again with ctrl+alt+f7 to get back to gui
  • Memorizing/Save the screen brightness upon selecting when adjusted [source]
  • Better use of gpu, install best (even if proprietary driver) to use it better come back from standby mode when opening screen

Lack of things that I wish it had:
File manager:
  • easier manipulation of saved favorites in connect to server -- modify this file ~/.cache/nautilus/servers [source]
  • percentage of disk space used (on left side when clicking computer) -- see filesystems of system monitor

Update Aug 2015: I have upgraded to windows 10

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