Saturday, June 19, 2010

how to stream movies videos ninjavideo

In particular, this will fix the issues some videos are having. For example the sound is off and the picture seems incorrect, also if you hit the 'download' button but want to stream (watch the movie without having to wait for the download to complete).

What you will need is VLC player (of course to work with ninjavideo you need java and older version of divx installed [firefox or chrome is also recommended]).

The simple version: go to My Documents/My Videos in XP or Videos in 7 or Vista (%userprofile%/My Documents/My videos/ or where your directory is located). Navigate to DivX Movies\Temporary Downloaded Files/ and find the movie or video that you want to watch. It will have .part extension simply open this with VLC and hit "Don't repair" if prompted, now you are watching the streaming movie in VLC instead of DIVX!

If you are downloading the movie via the download button, use firefox as it will not work with other browsers I tried. Find the .part file where you are saving the file (Desktop or My Documents/Downloads) and play it with VLC.

Make .part files open with VLC by default for ease of use.

For more info check the post about streaming megaupload.
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