Friday, March 10, 2017

Food Safety

When did we start referring to food as either safe or not? and even going as far as calling the place that serves "safe" food: GOOD!

Yes I am in India and this is a major concern but the problem is bigger than India. Our diets have been changed so much in the last hundreds (or thousands) of years that it became so unreconizable from our TRUE diet; FRUIT.

The truth is that we are frugivore, just like apes and monkeys.

Yes there are fruits from trees or bushes (and mycellium/fungus/mushrooms) that might be bad for our digestion, maybe even deadly if we consume the wrong plant. Including leaves, herbs, roots and flowers.

The knowledge that has been passed down to which plants are beneficial to our health are no longer up to debate that they are good for us. We can learn the best stage of the fruit to be consumed when it is rip and not worry about food anymore. Easy.

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