Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Travelling is my part time job

I have found another passion, and as with passions you tend to like the work that goes into it. Because let's face it, travel is work.

Sure, there were moments when I felt like it's work and didn't want to do it; from making the decision of where to go, how to go there, and what to do when there.

But then I found that I enjoy this work, and want to continue doing it as long as possible. The exploration of this plant has just began for me.

There are many more places I want to see and discover for myself and I am blessed with the time and financial means to do this. Mainly the savings and also the continues work I can conduct remotely from any decent internet connection (doesn't have to be very fast but solid is ideal - text file transfers as with the coding I do)

I know the places that I liked, where I will certainly return (sometimes I know when other times not sure yet). I know the places that I will visit (again, some I have a rough idea when, others I am not certain yet).

So far the journey has been a great one, filled with self-discovery, exploration of the inner and outer world, and some of the spiritual one as well. The cultures, people, foods, languages, customs and religious. Finding inner peace in nature or city chaos in rush hour traffic. Flights, overnight buses, trains, ferries, road trips in cars as well as motor bikes and many more adventures to come.

Let me know what you think about a life of travel? Would you picture yourself doing it in such a way?
Where do you recommend I visit?
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