Monday, April 11, 2016

Pakse, Laos to Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

I woke up around 6:30am to get last coffee from Ms. Ning's homestay and hit the road. Stopped by street fruit vendors to get bananas for the long journey to Thailand.

I arrived around 7:05am to Ms. Noy's rental shop as Mr. Yves rides in a few minutes after my arrival. I returned it and paid my bill for the motorbike rental - 110,000KIP for 2 days not charging for the 3rd because it was before 8am, as well as the bus ticket - 80,000KIP for a total of 190,000, when he returned the 10,000 he told me to keep it as they require when leaving Laos.

A tuktuk picked me up after I exchanged my last remianing KIP to Thai Bhat (I got around 600bhat)/
At the bus station I got the final ticket and waited for the bus. A few goats passed by and I think to myself what a cool scenario, I see goats in the bus station.

Finally got on the bus as it arrived and we're on the way, reletaivly smooth ride as we arrive at the border we get out and start the confusing process. First we must get through market areas to get up to an office in the heat and hand in our passport and give the 10,000 kip. Finished this and now the bus is gone, no where in sight. Confused again we must continue on foot to cross underground then to the entry of Thailand. Fill out the form and get screened by the immigration officer, he didn't know I had made a tourist visa for additional time and almost didn't give me the proper time. Good thing I mentioned this to him and he corrected the expiry date. So make sure you tell them right away if you do this.

Finished this and now I go to the awaiting bus where my bags are on the ground waiting for me with another officer which asks which ones mine. I have to take this back inside where it goes through an xray machine which didn't seem too sophisticated.

Finally take this back to the bus and load up the bags. Away we go.

I get the phone signal from my Thai sim card (True Move H) and the roads feel much smoother already. I'm back in civilization.

The bus stops to refuel, probably because the gas is cheaper and we continue to the central bus station in Ubon Ratchathani.

Taxi drivers want my business but I ask the tourist information how to get to the train station and there's a 10bhat truck that goes directly

 several hours before taking the night train to Bangkok

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