Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why I might become a fruitarian

First, let me start by saying that I have never been vegetarian. Most vegetarians I ask why they don't eat meat told me it is because of the bad conditions or the bad of killing animals. I simply never agree with this. I do know about the terrible conditions farmed animals are kept in sometimes but the killing of animals is not a problem because it happens in nature.

So why would I agree with being frutarian? Because of the logic behind eating fruit, being the best and most nutritious food for human consumption. We as humans are meant to eat it, everything in our body is designed for it. From our hands that fit fruit perfectly, to our eyes that can see when fruit is perfectly ripe and our stomachs that observe it perfectly. As opposed to green leaf vegetables, root vegitables and meat or animal products which our stomachs and teeth are not designed to eat raw.

This to me is a much better explained reason that comes with many benefits to the environment as well as ourselves if we consume only (or at least mostly) fruit.

Am I going to only eat fruit for the rest of my life? probably not, but I will focus my majority of the diet on fresh raw fruit unaltered by humans - not shakes or smoothes, not dry or salads type.

I still don't think I will even be vegetarian though, the last time I ate animal products was yesterday, seafood 3 days ago and meat about 1 or 2 weeks ago. I don't see the need to buy any animal products nor vegetables but if it's offered I will not turn it down (generally).

What do you think? do you agree or disagree?

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