Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

North Thailand for a month. I've done yoga and got massage.

Staying at a place called funhouse in exchange for help with computers, tablets and technology like website, Google maps , WordPress, airbnb and hostelworld.

I got injured in my way back from Mae Hong Son immigration office to extend my visa for 30 more days, this cost me 1,900 bhat plus 5 for photocopy if passport. Also I got passport pictures done earlier in town at rate of about 140 for 4. Only one is required but it's good to have more for other visas that I may want to get when I continue my travel.

While injured I did a lot of work at the house. My own and for him.

Now waiting for the stitches to be removed at the hospital costs 200. But to get the stitches cost me 1000 plus the bike damage was around 3000.

Was at shakina community lunch today, they are fantastic people always happy and very open to share anything.

To be continued

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