Thursday, November 18, 2010

Appointment Tracking Calendar Program Software CRM

Been developing a CRM (customer relationship management) calendar software application program (in the cloud which means it's web hosted). The main goal of it is to track and manage appointments with additional components for customer relationship management.

It is currently in full production with the company, but we have a private beta version currently open so if you would like to know more please contact me at theborisedu at gmail dot com.

Mainly we are looking for feedback on the current version that we find extremely useful but we can customize the software further for specific needs.

Our main focus are small to medium business that has employees booking appointments for sales people. And if you are interested in a tracking software for both the sales people and employee organizational purpose, professionalism, mobility (anywhere there's a browser and internet: iPhone or other smart phones included).

Whether you (or someone you know) are in those categories and if you currently have a management system for some or all aspects and if you are considering switching or adding components of the business customer relationship managements. Or if you don't have any type of software management use at the moment and looking at options we think we have something great for you!

I would like to to hear from you or that someone you know, about your or their needs for the organization, more about the company and how it operates from a logistics and statistic level, and what kind of the organizing is done at the moment and looking for in the future.

Either leave a comment below or drop us a message (theborisedu at to get more information.

Thanks to everyone.

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