Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NinjaVideo is no more

After giving it some time and waiting to see if the site comes back up I am pronouncing it dead today, here is a last gimps at the wonderful site before it disappears from the cache (no longer there)

It made us cry, it made us smile but now we look forward to the next pirate streaming site that will provide us with mindless entertainment for countless hours and chew more bandwidth then our ISPs can swallow .

We loved it for so many reasons.

Pop culture and underground mashed up into one, a place like this is truly unique and let's hope the other sites can handle it, but the real question is when will the feds stop taking down those sites?

Maybe one day we will figure it out... until then, ROCK ON pirates!

A hate site to that has suggestions for alternatives could come in handy now.

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