Thursday, June 24, 2010

Useful linux commands

Found an old post didn't publish here yet, so here it is.

Useful linux commands:
  • nmap
  • uname -a
  • modinfo
  • edit /etc/fstab to add a mount when booting
  • edit /etc/inittab to change runlevel when booting (id:3:initdefault:)
  • scp somefile user@IP:/home/user/directory
  • [root@localhost ~]# PS1=$
    $   (to change prompt)
  • change hostname (localhost):
    [root@localhost ~]# hostname localhost.localdomain
  • add services to runlevels:
    chkconfig --level <number> <service>
    chkconfig --level 3 httpd
  • tail -f    to keep outputting as the file grows
  • any ideas on how to solve this mail.txt -email

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