Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After watching "ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE" [RELEASED 6/25/07] by Peter Joseph, I felt that although the documentary is well made, the first part spoke strongly to me but the second part of the documentary was not very close to home in a sense of what I could relate to and the understand or believing the facts presented.

And it is very interesting to consider but the truth is we will never know what happened because they can hide it too well, and what is more important becomes apperent in his second documentary: "ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM" [RELEASED 10/02/08] from Peter Joseph. This truly inspired me to look further into the future and how things would play out if we lived in a different system - not a monetary based but a resource based economy.

The goals and motivations would shift from the endless and useless money, currently humans are trying to obtain as much money as possible (why? money isn't real anyway!), our goal of making things better for everyone will include ourselves. The rewards will speak for themselves.

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