Monday, January 25, 2010

Future by Design Review

After I watched the documentary called "Future by design" I had to mention that while it is a great documentary and very recommended to everyone, it brought many new unanswered questions and ideas to mind. (IMDB, torrent download)

First, I think that Jacque Fresco is a genius. No doubt he finally has shown us the way, I always thought money is a strange concept but never knew how it could be different, and what is possible in a different economy and his imagination of the future is really brought to life in this film. My only criticism is that his thinking and designs that are just too far ahead of our current or near-future reach. While he has amazing ideas with incredible details to his designs and inventions, I feel that we need to focus on the more immediate transitional ideas and the bigger picture that are not covered very much in this documentary.
For example: how do we start?

We really cannot start rebuilding for future cities like he discussed, nor can we build futuristic cities from the ground or in the water. What we can and should do is discuss the type of details that get us out of a monetary based system, unite the world's countries and share resources. Improving education and removing any money related ideas. The list of jobs and ideas that are completely unnecessary is going to be huge so I will not list it here but I hope you get the idea.

Another video on the other hand, does much more in-depth coverage of these ideas is: The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation. Similar to ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM (Also by Peter Joseph), but I felt it is more concise and to the point, with in-your-face fact driven and solutions laid-out type which might not appeal to some. Nevertheless I highly recommend watching this (link above) - and as with everything - you may take it with a 'grain of salt', but I found this very eye opening and in general a topic which is in need of many more and much more open discussions of these ideas.

The very true facts I take from these videos are: with no monetary system there would be no drive for immoral or negative 'criminal' acts. If we re-think the way things work in our world we should be able to improve the global and personal quality of life. If education systems are modified and technology improved for the greater good instead of profit, I believe that our potential is limitless.

So assuming you are as convinced as I am that we need a change in our economic worldwide systems, I keep hitting myself with the same question:
How can we change from the monetary system?

A possible answer is:
If the people in the highest powers are comfortable they will never agree to any change, therefore this must happened from the people that are uncomfortable. But will this be a very fast abrupt change or will it take several discussions to the possible solutions to change to?

As you can see there are many questions and I think that now with an open mind we must ask and discuss these ideas.

Truly I feel the "Resource based economy" idea sounds great in theory there are many more important details that are not covered. Going back to ideas of "Future by Design" it is impossible to assume as Jacque did that all the mundane jobs are automated because that just sounds too far into the future.

So there are many questions that have to be thoroughly discussed and thought out but what we need to do is start thinking what steps can be taken NOW toward a real change in the SYSTEM.

Today's facts as I see them are:
The monetary economy is wholly flawed, motivation for profit creates unrealistically huge amounts of immoral acts, to list a few;
cruelty, crime of murder, theft, and simply things that are wrong by any standard are all done by individuals and groups of individuals (also known as organizations, companies or corporations) for the single most important goal of this economy is MONEY.

There are constant roller coaster of inflation and deflation in value of currencies and more problems I may not be able to think of right now... but all of this is simply unacceptable.

It is unproductive to our technological and academic growth.

The solutions sound simple: remove the monetary system to an education and resource based system but how do we get there from where we are now?

So please I ask of everyone reading this, if you got this far I hope you have some ideas of your own at this point so share them with me or anyone around you.

Thank you


Serenity495 said...

I like how there's absolutely no reactions to this post, despite it being there for months now.

theborisedu said...

Thanks for the comment Serenity, I agree there should be more conversations on this topic... what are your thoughts?