Monday, May 29, 2017

General Guide for finding local fruit markets

Being fruitarian I always love local fruit markets, here's the tips of what I learned so far for finding them around the places I've visited.

1. Google - best friend indeed, also on google maps using keywords like market, fruit, etc.

2. Look for major streets, intersections and bus or train stations tends to yeld good success in countries like India, Nepal and rest of Asia. Though I find less in South East Asia since so much of the population owns motorbikes and not so much is transported on bus or train routes.

3. Look for major stores, they tend to have morning markets outside!

4. Talk to the locals! find out the word for fruit and/or market and ask them if they know where it is! when it is and more.

Enjoy fruit hunting!

Let me know if you have more tips in the comments below!
Thank you

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