Wednesday, June 29, 2016

George town and Penang Island Malaysia

After a great time in Koh Phangan I head to Penang leaving Thailand for the second time as the visa came to an end.

The boat ride was fun, and inspiring to get the wheels in motion again after such a relaxing time on that magical island.

Here I had some health troubles which led me down an interesting path. My motorbike injury in Pai has reopened yet again and infection persisted. Several days after arriving I went on some basic treks that could have been partially responsible for the worsted condition and I had a fever. I was admitted to Gleneagles hospital and two fellow travelers I met in Phangan as well as the hostel owner had been extremely kind and helpful for the situation.

The travelers brought me little sweets peanuts and even mango that brought up my emotion instantly. as well as their presence and finally when I got my laptop it helped a lot. The hostel owner had forgave one day and organized my stuff (which I was too weak to do myself before leaving for the hospital) and stored it under the stairs in a safe location.

The time alone and in the clean environment was great for my healing physically, mentally and even emotional disturbancce that helped push further my well being once I left the hospital. I spent more time at Love Lane Inn and eventually felt healthy enough to get to the national park in the north west side of the island with a girl I met from couchsurfing site that I decided to use when in the hospital. after the trek we did, I met a french guy that is raw and mostly fruitarian and showed me the guesthouse where i spent 3 nights. treked the second day and road trip on motor bike third day.

Finally returning to Love Lane Inn where I write this now, and this being my last night here, which makes for a good conclusive post. Next I will head to KL capital.

The lessons learned here, and collective wisdom: raw eating is the optimal human (or any animal) nutrition. Humans will do what they feel or like or want without always considering the best option for reasons of health or otherwise. The diversity of humans is large and so is the opinion.

The journey continues.

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