Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street (and other cities) Zeitgeist

This is great to see the progress Occupy wall st has achieved in the last few weeks. This finally seems like the people there are awaking and protesting for much more. They understand that corporate greed is what runs this society and they want to make a revolution. This is Zeitgeist in that it is a time of new era and things are changing, but also in connection to the zeitgeist movement in that it is what seeded the beginings of this types of movements. Amazing to see that it's growing all over the US and moving to Canada as well!

Glad this is happaning, and specially now at a time when we see problems are just piling up and we are here to solve them.

I was always sure this will happened after watching the Zeitgeist moving forward movie and now more then ever. One day in the near future things will change to the 99% benefit and there will only be 1% (or hopefully not even that) suffering - unlike the way it is today. This is why there are movements and this is why it's happening.

Makes me very happy that the changes are starting as soon as I expected and there will be a great and positive future in the time we all have left on this planet. One day we can look back in our history books (probably digital) and teach our kids: "the world was once ran by *greed* and *fear*, there was a population of over 6 billion controlled by a few hundred or less people with a huge amount of currency we called money. These people had no souls because they didn't care about suffering and dying or dead people, they only cared for themselves. The rest (99%) of the people were oppressed and human rights were stricken, but they rose up and fought for the world you have today. They may have not had the combined money or perceived power but they had the numbers because everyone was there and this is how we got to where we are now." And we can watch the movie wall street to site the greedy corporations and the famous line: "Greed is good" which is total fiction. Along with the rest of the Free Education our children will be given.

Watching the true democracy unfold before our eyes, because we all know what is now a time of change from the past ways of thinking where inherited billionaires control too much for their own good.

Let me know what you think!

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