Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zeitgeist not stupidity

I came across this BBC documentary called Stupidity (watch) and although I didn't think there would be much new just interesting stuff, I did learn a lot; there has not been much research done on the topic of human stupidity.

This is something that we seriously have to look at much closer, we have to consider why we act the way we do, and what to do about it along with the numerous unanswered questions there is about this topic.

After watching the film I also realized why we don't have things the zeitgeist movement talks about, why we are not implementing ideas from Venus project and in general why so many people agree with human stupidity yet can't really do much about it. The fact is most people are stupid. They rather watch Jackass Movie or read about the new baby Brad and Angelina adopted, or hear some jokes about racism in America, than do something about world hunger, invest and use alternative energy instead of paying billions (not millions) to fund a war in the Middle East for the oil rather then switching to alternative energy as a starting point to stop or at least reduce our dependence on oil.

It's easy to understand why we tend to ignore the faults of our own countries, societies and humanities but ignorance is not bliss when there's so much human potential that is being killed. Humanity is therefore stupid as a whole and although we do have superior intelligence to any other animal on this planet we also have the best technology and knowledge of any other animal but that doesn't make us the best we can be.

I believe we have much more potential then meaningless jobs to make money which allows a small percent of human population to live well, tiny population to live amazing and a huge percent to be poor, hungry and die from war, disease (that we can cure) etc.

Well those are my thoughts, they are backed up by facts.
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