Monday, January 31, 2011

Zeitgeist followup

First I wanted to review the movie but since it's been done and everyone has their opinions, mine is that I agree with about 90% of the film and their respective opinions.

The facts that are backed up and true are totally worth looking at and because they are facts and not opinions I will not argue anything there, what is still left to opinion is the change from the momentary system to the resource based system.

The part that I still have to disagree is that computers will run everything, sure the sci-fi movies are becoming reality (technology wise) but it will only happened slowly and that's not how we should go about thinking. What we should do instead is focus on how to change over the minds of everyone and that's what I intend to do in this post.

I decided to put together a list of problems around the world, just from my experiences that I think would be solved if we stay away from a monetary system to a different one, say a resource based economy.

1. Copyright
We all know this is supposed to 'protect' rights of copying materials, but who does it protect? the people who 'invent' or 'create' things that unique enough to say that they own the copy rights and no one else can 'copy' it. This topic is important to me because we all know copying is NOT stealing, and it should never be thought of this way. In fact the only cost to copying is the copying itself, and when we have technology that can copy thousands or millions of digital files for free why should anyone, anywhere be charged for it? think about the resource based economy model and understand that knowledge should be, and will be, public one way or another. Wikipedia comes to mind when talking about public knowledge and a great resource like knowledge should never be thought of as a crime for simply reading, listening or watching any type of information. Entrainment or education it should all be public and free.

2. Piracy
Specifically the peer to peer file sharing in this case. Think about the word 'peer to peer' this sounds great, people talking to other people, sharing information, free, and communities are always good. Well guess who doesn't think so? companies who profit by selling those files (movies, music, software, etc) of course again it comes down to money, and back to the topic of copyright it's very much the similar and the same solution, no copyright laws, no problems. Or even better, no money system, no problem.

3. Drugs
Specifically, plants should never ever be considered a trademark (Monsanto comes to mind - they patent genomes or genetically modified seeds of crops that die after one year in order to produce more profit) and they should never be made illegal because if they don't cause harm to anyone there's no reason to do so. How can a plant harm anyone? with education and knowledge like the tribes that pass down information to valuable plans that heal, feed and help us survive there should never be a problem with natural growing plants (for example a weed that has been proven to be medicinal and recreational called cannabis or more commonly known as marijuana should not be outlawed). Again this comes down to money and the more we think about a problem the solution becomes clear, money is the problem therefore get rid of money system = get rid of the problems.

4. Net Neutrality
This is about internet service providers (ISP) throttling (slowing down) internet use of peer to peer communication, the pressure is clearly applied from companies that produce and distribute music, movies and more which is being shared through these means (Bit torrent for example). Although they claim it's in order to conserve bandwidth, we all know that there is more than enough bandwidth to go around and it's increasing as technology get's better. Another fairly recent change is happening here in Canada and some ISPs in the US is the bandwidth capping - we are being limited to a monthly limit of say 60GB per month (both upload and download combined). This is also the same issue as throttling when you look at the big picture, although I have noticed there is much less throttling since if you go over the limit you pay big bucks (between 1 to 5 dollars per Gig!) So their claim is again that it costs them too much but we know it's just not true, again it's a money thing and in a system that shares resources efficiently rather than for monetary gain it will never happened this way.

5. Government
We all know now, and for a long time that Governments are also interested in money, and very much so. How do we see this? because they not only cooperate but they bend over backwards and change their own laws to obied by big-corps in order to get big funds from them! politicians in general that act in the interest of financially successful corporations (aka big corp) are always getting lots of money back in order to have lots of expensive campaigns which in tern help them win more votes with the public. This system is clearly messed up!
Of course some can argue and say that they are power hungry when they go after different nations, but again this power is delivered through the means of money as we know it, so preventing this power is the best way and removing the monetary system for a better resources based system makes a lot more sense.
Do you agree?

6. Violence
This is discussed quite a bit in the third Zeitgeist movie (very recommended by the way) from psychological aspects to social aspects so the best way is to discuss some hard facts. From the studies that were presented in the film we know there is no violence in tribal communities that share their resources and really live as a community. But there is a lot of violence in monetary based run cities and countries because one way to get money is by using violence if you take the money factor away why would people use violence? they don't it's a proven fact. This brings to the next point...

7. Theft & robbery
With no money system there would be no theft or robbery. But what will we use? the best products ever made in recent history. This means that now we make the worst things? Yes.

8. Products & services
Right now products are made in a way that is cheapest to produce we all know that but if you don't, think about it you want to pay the LEAST so you have more money left for other things. But if you think about resources we are using them up very quickly with lots of toxic chemicals and it's bad for the environment but as long as we get cheaply made and sold products we pay less this is good for us in the monetary system but that is why we need to change the system. Watch story of stuff it tells it best about the cycle. So consider instead using the best possible materials, the best possible technology and make the best product in the monetary system it would cost a lot but in a resource based system we wouldn't pay we just make them for ourselves and use it endlessly because it should last as long as possible. And everyone can and will use these products because they are made so well there is no reason to have one of each! think of cell phones, how many have you gone through in the last 5 years? my guess is at least 3 (that's what I had) if not much more than that, and the old ones are so useless now they are just junk!
In a resource based system there is no junk, there is only things we give back to the environment like a dead tree decomposing naturally adding nutrients into the soil.
With the current scientific facts we have we can run the plant much better but only if we have the minds of the people first.

Money is The Problem.

I will expend the list as I get more time, maybe go into each topic in their own posts in the future but I hope you get the picture if you're reading this now, and please spread the word to the world about this idea = money is the problem, solution is to get rid of the money system once and for all.

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