Monday, August 16, 2010

Ultimate FTP/SFTP text editor winSCP

Today's cloud computing put to the max by my newly found hobby of coding in PHP/MySQL and JavaScript (plus a little CSS) but it was only made more enjoyable when I found the great way to edit the code visually.

So I thought to share it with the loyal eduboris blog followers!

First component is the FTP/SFTP, the free and open source windows application I found is WinSCP
Second is the editing, while the default editor is OK for quick fixes it definitely is not something you can use to code, so for many years now I used Notepad++.

To combine the two and have a truly cloud computing coding environment go to WinSCP (while logged in) Options>Preferences>Editor>select the first one and click Edit> choose external editor and browser to your Program files and find notepad++ directory, and executable (if you installed it, otherwise go to the extracted folder)

From here on in consider your ultimate sftp text editor setup and ready to use!
The features I really like about Notepad++ are:

  • Default language detection with color coding
  • Default line count and word wrap
  • Great stability under huge files (6k+ lines)
Anyway feel free to comment about this and let me know what you think below.

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