Monday, February 8, 2010

how to move torrent files

I've always wondered how to move a torrent file, the actually final downloaded file that is, not the torrent file (Or magnet link) which helped download.

The main reason to do is, well, to avoid clutter. If I have music, videos, ebooks, software and the list goes on - all of this in the same folder called Downloads... well you can see how this could be a problem.

And most operating systems provide a video, music and document folders already so to make full use of these (My videos, My music in Windows XP) or others how do we move the torrent-downloaded files without removing it from the torrent application or causing a file missing type error?

simple in utorrent:
1. Stop the download/seed. Press the red square or right click stop.

2. Move the file/folders as needed in the directory.
I like to use the "drag and drop" feature of windows.

3. Right click the torrent in uTorrent > Advanced > Set Download Location...

4. Browse to the new location... and Save

5. Click No to the question of overwriting (otherwise it will start new download again)

6. Rick click and choose "Force Re-check" in order to verify the files and hashes.

You can now resume the download or just continue seeding if it's done :)

Happy sharing everyone!


Shawn said...

This did not work.
It just starts downloading another copy of the file into the new directory with the old one. It does not start seeding it again.

This answer is on so many forums and yet does not work. And I'm not the only person saying it.

Why doesn't someone explain?

theborisedu said...

it works for me, let's try going through the steps together... maybe print screens will help?

theborisedu said...

Note you may have to "Force Re-check"!

Try it and let me know if it works...

Anonymous said...

Doesnt work....why do you post wrong info?

theborisedu said...

I don't know why you are having issues, it works for me in the previous AND current versions. Should I make a video to prove it?