Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bitcoin and Resource Based Economy

I first learned about RBE and the Venus project from Zeitgeist documentary series and later the movement by Peter Joseph. Instantly was amazed by Jack Fresco and his ideas, thoughts and architecture.

Now that we have bitcoin here to stay, I see the connection between blockchain and decentralized technologies that will help us move toward a resource based economy. Bitcoin is basically based on resources; the machines are specific and have to be acquired somehow, the knowledge it takes to set those up (I am technical and it wasn't easy to setup) and finally the electricity it takes to power the machines (as well as the internet connection) and of course the space. All those resources come in to play to prove that you have them and did the computational work to gain more bitcoin and secure the network.

So with this, we democratize money and can help shift the power to the early adopters as the value of bitcoin rises every year. And those people that have the power will probably have a more open mind toward new ideas. And changing the future.

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