Tuesday, September 20, 2011

why I closed my google+ plus account

Of course I was one of the first to hear about Google+ the new social network attempt from the search giant. As with anyone in this field (of internet and technology) I signed u,p and it was very simple, quick and easy since I already love using my gmail account for just about everything; from youtube, hosted sites, web analytics, webmaster tools, search alerts, even this blogger account along with other experimental "labs".

So it was probably under a year and now I am shutting it down completely. Some may say it's too quick others may understand in today's world of fast paced technology innovation it's a proper time to evaluate and now I see this service has no use for me. I am sure when I signed up for Facebook I didn't use it as much and yet I remained on it (beside a brief disabling when I wanted to see what life was like without it again). I also got twitter and didn't use it, in fact I still rarely post I just subscribe to the community and reply or post to either have a global conversation or a more local one. In that sense Google+ has no place in the social network it's like a combination of the two but none because they do exist (facebook and twitter).

And this is why I closed my Google plus account.

So I want to ask you the reader, do you use facebook, twitter and/or google+ and how do you feel they fit into your life together or separately from each other?
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