Saturday, March 4, 2017

fruit prices and availability in early March, 2016 - varanasi, india

Banana - should be 20 rup for 6 pieces, sometimes they ask for 25 rup per 6 pieces if the size is bigger but it shouldn't be more then that. quality can be good, the green long and more yellow, rip when they are spotted black. both taste good

Coconut - priced 30 rup, 40 rup and 50 rup depending on size and vendor. ignore the vendors asking for 60. quality is variable, ask for sweet one if they know how to pick. try to get more orange brown with more dark spots they tend to taste good with some meat. sometimes there's little jelly which i love to eat, insist them to cut it and bring your own spoon since they will not have one and can make it from the husk if you prefer.

Tomatos - 10 rup or 15 rup per kg, I don't eat much

Green grapes - 30 rup to 60 rup per kg - not very sweet

Guava - 40 Rup per kg

Papaya - 40rp per kg negotiable from 60rup per kg

Pomegranates - 120 per kg

Watermelon  - 40 rup per kg

Accommodation: was able to find dorm for 200rup at yogi lodge near the golden temple

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