Friday, April 29, 2016

Ko Pha-Ngan/Koh Phangan Island of beauty relaxation and spirituality

Being the original full moon party island it gets a lot of tourism. As with most places in Thailand of certain fame. I prefer the yoga town of Sri Thanu where you can relax better and enjoy various holistic activities. If you stumble upon mystical creatures you can end up taking LSD or mushrooms.

I tried freediving for the first time and had been disappointed with the lack of satisfaction I got. Sure I learned some techniques for breathing and diving deeper faster. The psychology is what changes when you actually have enough oxygen but feel the need to be at the surface. In any case I felt the extra cost was not valued and would have preferred diving with tank (scuba) for about half the price to see more wildlife.

In any case this place has magic and if you get with local rythem you can get decent price and quality fruits, to continue the fruitarian lifestyle, cheaper gas than most gas stations (can be found close to the main town Thon sala)

For now I stay here, after a heartbreak I carry on and see what the rainbow can show me.

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