Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BlackBerry 10 preview review

Thorsten Heins in the BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote General Session

Inbox - allows to flow to all channels, different apps are all running in background in real time.

Keyboard - adapts to your typing, predictive words

Camera - adjusting the faces to the right moment

I think those features look pretty great, I am of the belief that phones should last for at least 3 years (if possible) so I would stick to my android for the next 2 or so years left but still interesting enough to see what technology is being developed.

The app flow is very interesting, they promise that you will not need to know what you are running and get notifications when ever. Now I do have notifications any time and go into them on my current android (not yet ice cream sandwich). But the flow is certainly a great idea, will not need to remember where you were and go back just by swiping. As with android I would worry about processing and battery life with all those things running in the background.

Keyboard also sound great, I currently use the "swype" app called TouchPal and I think it's amazing upgrade to the old keyboard android uses (not sure what ice cream sandwich uses but I hear it has swype) so seeing the predictive words is a good idea but I do already have something similar and it's already great.

Camera - this is where my hardware could be better but I see that phone camera's have not reached their full potential yet, there's a great addition to fixing positions of faces and such, maybe it could be useful if it's a sport mode type of shot so you can go back and choose the right picture.

I have to say they appear to have impressed many people, I do think they have a chance to survive and not be dismantled as many predicted and even urged to them to do. But they certainly will not be back to where they once were, the top is now for other players and it's still good to see them attempt great technologies but only the future will tell how it goes.

Let me know what you think of blackberry, will they last? did you like the new presentation of bb10?

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