Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to find out legitimate website from fake one

I saw someone post a facebook link with and checked it out.
There's nothing phishy about it but it claims to give away $25 gift cards if you share the link on facebook.
How would they know you shared it to even give you the gift card? this got me a little suspicious and I decided to check if it's real by doing the usual investigation as follows.

Step 1: Check the who is records (there's at least hundreds of them - my favourite is
1. Registrar: eNom, Inc. while appears to be NAMESCOUT CORP
2. Contact Information: WhoisGuard Protected while has the full information [ The TDL Marks Corp. Chris De Jaham and TDL Group Corp Tim Davidson ]

Step 2: Google search
So it's clear there isn't anything about this website anywhere, those links are older and include nothing about it. Trying - just add the "site:" has 0 results meaning this site is not yet on google also seeing that it was recently registered from the who is info (Creation Date: 2011-10-15 22:16:31).

Finally a quick check on shows nothing of this deal at all, so either this is a super secret and super recent deal which leaves no trace back to Tim Horton's itself or it's a fake. Most likley the latter but I will update if I see anything new or unusual about it. Leave a comment below if you have any information or if you are indeed from Tim Horton's or even this promotional website to confirm or deny the website claim of giving away $25 gift card.

Thanks for visiting!

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