Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Medical Marijuana for Migraine

After watching a new documentary about Medical use of cannabis, not only did I find yet another documentary about this and all the facts tend to point to the same conclusion; marijuana is great as medicine and should be legalized.

I got inspired to look into a specific treatment for Migraine because it's a topic that is close to me and wanted to get some facts from reliable sources. This is not as discussed in depth on Wikipedia so I decided to check their references and turns out theres quite a bit of research done. This paper reveal another research paper that is full of references throughout the time of the history of usage and treatment specifically for migraine relieve.

(page 41, hemp for headache)"The advantages in its use over that of opium consist chiefly . . .
in the absence of prostration and nausea after its ingestion, and in
the partial lack of soporific power which it possesses as
compared to the opiate, for in certain cases sleep is not always
desirable when pain is to be removed"

There's simply all the facts and research in those papers so the easiest is for me to point you there, so please read and allow for research and if you come to same conclusion as most medical doctors and researches you must also support legalization.

Thank you.

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