Saturday, January 29, 2011

ZEITGEIST 3 review


Great video, not only is it informational, factual and scientific it also is very entertaining.
But that's not the point, it should wake up the truth and show you what this world is like.

I recently watched interviews with Peter Joseph and thought 'when is the next one coming out?' and here we are this one is great and you don't really need to watch the first two if you have not already, this one will do the trick.

The independent made film that has been screened over 300 times around the world in sold out theaters and freely available to anyone to watch, distribute and remix if they wish - reiterates on the information brought forth in the first two with loads of new information and new ways of understanding, new interviews with intelligent and credible people.

More breakdowns and reviews about it will be coming soon... it's a long video but very important watch for EVERYONE.

Comment below and spread the video as much as you can.

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